In a vase on Monday

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    1. Thanks Christina – I’m still luxuriating in them. Your reply surprises me! I had you down for a ‘Brown Sugar’ girl! I know the name ‘Mount Tacoma’, but I had to google. It is another peony ‘confection’ isn’t it? Perhaps also a good one to add simply for cut flowers?

  1. And you picked red campion too! 🙂 Christina has suggested before that tulips seem to look best on theor own, and I have come to agree with her. As for favourites, there are too many to choose! I have some China Pink tulips opening, with a lovely lily flowered shape, which I know I will enjoy, but I especially love most of the species tulips, like Little Beauty and Persian Pearl. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous tulips with us, however and wherever they were displayed 🙂

    1. I did indeed pick the campion! To start with we had so few wild flowers in the garden and I am overjoyed to see them beginning to crowd in. This year was the best ever for lady’s smock. I love China Pink – a 30 year love affair! I’ve always found it very persistent (with Queen of the Night) – but sadly in this particular garden it seems to be petering out – only one flower this year. I did enjoy your ‘Little Beauty’ so much this week, Cathy. Will definitely try to add more of the smaller species types in future.

      1. The smaller species are especially reliable I believe, and LB has been steadily increasing, which is even better!

    1. Thanks Eliza! Gradually the fruit trees in my neighbours garden have become a memory once again (alway sad). Time for a change – it’s like your maple sugar buckets!

  2. These tulips are very special and beautifully displayed and photographed. Worth treating yourself, I think and hopefully they’ll come back next year. I was just thinking, it’s just as well the tulip boom is not now or we’d all lose our heads (not literally). It’s so hard to choose a favourite but I might go for Sapporo which is an elegant white lily flower.

    1. Thanks Alison – I have just googled ‘Sapporo’ – very elegant! It is a little like ‘Tres Chic’, tried by me this year for the first time. Except ‘Sapporo’ seems to start with a creamier tinge?

  3. Your tulips are simply beautiful Cathy! I love the way you have photographed them. This looks like an original Dutch still life painting. 🙂 My favourite tulip? Impossible to say! Today it is ‘Swan Wings’, but ask me again next week and it will be the next to have opened! 😉

    1. I have just looked at your wonderful ‘Swan Wings’ Cathy, and I see exactly what you mean. It is now on ‘the list’! Glad you enjoyed ‘Carnival de Nice’.

  4. Exceptional tulips Cathy. They are lovingly composed in your kitchen scenes. It’s helpful to experiment with flower pairings–in this case your instincts led you back to a richly evocative statement. Enjoy!

  5. Those are splendid tulips, Cathy! They certainly do have a very rich effect, even from my screen. I can only imagine they would quickly become a favorite if I could grow them… 😉 I did get a few flowers from the little T saxatalis this spring, but even that was a struggle in this climate. T. clusiana var. chrysantha remains my favorite among the species tulips; and as for the border tulips, I loved the pink on white of “Gander’s Rhapsody” (trusting my memory for that unusual name!), which came back fairly well for me.
    I love your meadow-y look with the Thalictrum and Silene too.

    1. Thanks Amy! I grew a little lady tulip (clusiana) called ‘Cynthia’ for the first time this year – it is a little gem and I wish I had planted more. Also fairly late-flowering, which is nice. I don’t know ‘Gander’s Rhapsody’ at all – so have just discovered v. google. Heavenly and definitely another to try!

  6. Wow – every photo of these tulips looks like a painting! My favourite is ‘Ballerina’, closely followed by ‘Sarah Raven’ and ‘Princes Irene’. I’m fond of those pink/white/green ones, too, but I don’t know the variety.

    1. I love ‘Ballerina’ too – the first time for me this year. I also planted ‘Princes Irene’ again – an old friend from years ago. I shall immediately google ‘Sarah Raven’ if it’s your second favourite!

    1. Thanks Joanna – apart from the light levels, there’s always so much clutter in the kitchen that I seem to have to completely empty it in order to take a photo!

    1. I so wish you could grow tulips, Jessica. They are such a joy. I did work in a garden in the Bavarian Alps once and they planted bulbs in wire baskets against the poor little hungry winter mice. Something to try for something special? This tulip is even worthy of going into pots.

  7. These are beautiful of course, and I hate to admit I’m in love with double tulips today but I think next year I need to plant a few parrots again. It’s almost shameful when you consider how elegant the single tulip is, but doubles and parrots are all I can think about right now.

    1. I will look at your link to the new Canadian tulip later (probably tomorrow0. Meanwhile – thanks so much for visiting and enjoying – and stay in touch.

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