About the garden


And the garden itself? Our land here is a challenge, and I often wonder how many years I’ll manage to make it up and down our steep, partially terraced south-facing slope. We live in a wonderfully quiet, rural area of Lorraine, north-east France, where we are lucky enough to get the kind of rainfall that’s welcome when you garden on a slope in fairly hot conditions. The village, Châtillon-sur-Saone, is a little Renaissance gem that we feel lucky to have stumbled upon. If you are interested, take a look at the Facebook page I set up for English visitors.

Rather romantically, there’s a river at the bottom of the garden – and we have grand plans to sit down there on hot summer days more frequently than we do at the moment. The down side is that we usually see a little flooding in the garden once a year or so. Much of the terracing that exists today was created by the previous owner, a Dutch sculptor, Marcel Julius Joosen. His plantings of box have given the garden a great deal of character and structure.

Perhaps you’d like to take a walk down from the house with me? Just follow the links at the bottom of each page to walk down from the top level to the lowest. (You can always just jump around virtually in the menu, if you want! In real life that would be totally exhausting!). All the pictures were taken in 2014.

We’ll start at the top, on the balcony …


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