A week of flowers. Day 5

Sunday’s my favourite day – nothing unexpectedly shocking will arrive in the post. (Although there is now email, which knows no holiday). Peace will – most probably – reign. (But perhaps that’s tempting fate?) In the summer I’d be out in the garden, in winter it’s a spot of drawing, music or just reading in … Continue reading A week of flowers. Day 5

A week of flowers. Day 3

Still joining in with Cathy’s lovely end of season posts at Words and Herbs, celebrating the flowers we’ve enjoyed over the year. What a lift to the spirits! I’m sticking with May apple blossom today. There was a lot of flower on my three little ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ this year, but strangely not as much … Continue reading A week of flowers. Day 3

November treasures

I’m doing pretty well here! This is probably one of the very few times I’ve actually blogged in November – it’s my least favourite month of the year. A time when I feel at my least hopeful … but I love December, January, February, so have to keep reminding myself that they are just around … Continue reading November treasures