End of Month View: May

May has been a very mixed month. Much wetter than is usual here and temperatures quite cool. Up to 27 degrees centigrade in the garden occasionally, but often not much more than 15 or 17. A mixed blessing. There has been fantastic growth on the plants and I am particularly pleased that my new herbaceous … Continue reading End of Month View: May

Photo Challenge: Face

… and the critical technique for the washing of the face. My cat Ella is actually called Nigella. She was named because we thought her whiskery face resembled the stripey, feathery seedpods of Nigella damascena.     The seed head photo was borrowed from a Pinterest site. Face           Continue reading Photo Challenge: Face

In a vase on Monday

I’m always a little intimidated by this meme. I love seeing other people’s vases, but the vase photography and the arrangement seems a little beyond me. Today I got a bee in my bonnet that I wanted to take part again. For me it’s about appreciating what’s in our garden at the moment (since I … Continue reading In a vase on Monday