8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

    1. The flowers closest to the wall actually started blooming about a fortnight ago, Beatrix – the ‘main stems’ away from the wall have still to appear.

  1. Lovely, although Canary Bird is out here, R. Banksiae ‘ Lutea’ is still in bud. It is such a pretty thing even if it does have ambitions to reach the next village.

    1. It does indeed! At the moment it’s trying to get into our sun room. Another unexpected adventurer is a (tiny) plant of muelenbeckia given by a friend – now holding up the Rosa banksiae on the wall!!

    1. It is very lovely – unfortunately no fragrance that I’ve noticed. It’s so interesting that the parts of the rose that are directly against the wall flower first – the rest is slower to follow.

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