Rāhui Day 38

Walking down from the Mirror Garden yesterday morning, doing my daily temperature checks over my three thermometers. Stopping at the Vine Terrace. The two vines are leafing out, but there’s not enough shade to sit there yet until it’s cooler in the evening. Then by way of the Iris Garden where all the irises have … Continue reading Rāhui Day 38

Rāhui Day 30

What’s this all about you say? I thought we were in ‘lockdown’? Yesterday a blogger in New York (Amy Rose) commented that she found the word ‘lockdown’ (widely used in the British press and even on my beloved Channel 4 news) a bit negative, with connotations of prison. Hey Jude! (a blogger in Cornwall) says … Continue reading Rāhui Day 30

Lockdown Day 25

The garden is starting to look distressed. At 26 days without rain (with quite high daytime temperatures), I think this is the first time in my twelve years in France that I’ve experienced April drought like this. Yesterday the BV found an old Vichy regime 2 franc coin in the garden (apparently now worth about … Continue reading Lockdown Day 25

Six on Saturday

This is the first time I’ve joined in with The Propator’s Six-on-Saturday meme. It seems a really nifty format to record what’s been going on during the week. I think I can stick to the rules – but need to reduce verbiage! My six this week are mostly NOT pretty. Four are simply ‘problems’ and … Continue reading Six on Saturday