More than he could chew?

19 thoughts on “More than he could chew?”

  1. Garden dreaming requires great courage and determination . …. not to mention more resources than one ever anticipates . Your greenhouse will be delightful once completed . The stone foundation gives it so much character and will help in winter to hold the heat. Are you plumbing and wiring it? A greenhouse has long been my dream , too. We originally hoped for one on this property , then realized there is no suitable safe spot. So I look forward to watching the progress of yours ! Happy Easter !

    1. We hope to lay a ‘services pipe’ in there. Although recently Nick has mentioned converting it into a cat door! Happy Easter to you too!

  2. My husband has built and rebuilt stone walls so I know how critical all the scientific concerns are. I also know that we gardeners just want to enjoy our completed project. He’s spent ten years building a Japanese teahouse which included teaching himself how to stucco. Your garden looks gorgeous with all those spring bulbs. And your comment on my blog was fine. For some reason my blog doesn’t tell you anything so you can see that it worked and I can’t seem to fix it!

    1. It sounds like he could teach my husband a few tricks! But maybe best to learn oneself. Thanks for the comment about the garden – much appreciated.

  3. Oh my, just reading about the work involved makes me feel tired. Who knew that cement was such a complex problem? But it will be wonderful when it is finished.
    A lovely choice of tulips, how ever many you order it is never enough.

  4. I have faith that your determination will see you through to your greenhouse becoming a reality. It does look like a massive job of work, though! Don’t think I would be up to it. Lovely Tulips, ‘Ballerina’ is a favorite.

  5. Oh what an exciting project – and what an undertaking! It will be such an achievement having done it yourselves – and although a dab hand at mortar and bricklaying myself it is nothing compared to your (the BV’s) task! Painting the aluminium should be fine (with a metal paint) and any future wear would give an appropriately shabby chic look anyway. Writing this comment on Easter Day I wonder if it is on target for a reveal today…?

    1. No reveal forecast for at least a week, Cathy. We are due for some minus temperatures in the next few days and I’m told it’s bad for mortar. I am learning more patience!

  6. It’s going to be brilliant! and what an amazing place. You don’t need to tell me about things becoming more complicated and and taking longer than expected. Not to mention more expensive. I know. Your tulips look so bright and cheerful. Ballerina is one of my favourites.

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