Following You!

There’s lots going on in the garden at the moment. I’m laying out the bones of the Hornbeam Gardens, enjoying my snowdrops and hellebores, and sowing sweet pea seed as well as vegetables. (See my pictures below.) But I find it so hard to post myself and take a look at what you’ve been doing. So … Continue reading Following You!

The apple crunchers

  The river Saône at Monthureux-sur-Saône. Just a few miles upstream it becomes  navigable and begins to morph into one of the grandest in France, flowing eventually into the Rhône. Very peaceful on a Sunday morning, but it’s all go behind the scenes. This is the town that hosts the annual bourse aux greffons for the Croqueurs de … Continue reading The apple crunchers

Good things this (last) week & the treasure of Nancy

Where am I at? No idea. Why did I post a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ on a Tuesday morning, only to add something for my normal Sunday evening post on Tuesday night? Personally, I think this is a symptom of my confusing lifestyle in France. More of that later. Meanwhile, back to the programme… Did you catch my two posts about my School … Continue reading Good things this (last) week & the treasure of Nancy