But what’s all this about SPANC? It’s the acronym for the government office responsible for the inspection and (forced) modernisation of ‘assainissement non-collectif’ in France – private sewage systems to you and I. I’m fairly sure that they are not aware of the laughter and relief from tension their name affords English-speakers when they get their ‘côntroles’ through from … Continue reading SPANC!

Les lavandières

We had a light sprinkling of snow overnight and a superb Sunday afternoon. Failing the opportunity to garden, I took a walk down the valley, past the monument to Châtillon-sur-Saône’s most famous son, Jan Monchablon (of whom more later) to the old village lavoir. Many reading will know that lavoirs (or communal outdoor washing areas) … Continue reading Les lavandières

In the merde

A cautionary tale of why dreamers shouldn’t buy houses in France! For a long time I’ve not considered blogging about our renovation project here. I wanted to keep it a secret – mainly because I was frighteningly sure that my neighbours would tell me: ‘But you can’t do that!’ (C’est pas normal/correct, Catherine!) And also because any … Continue reading In the merde