End of Month View: May

May has been a very mixed month. Much wetter than is usual here and temperatures quite cool. Up to 27 degrees centigrade in the garden occasionally, but often not much more than 15 or 17. A mixed blessing. There has been fantastic growth on the plants and I am particularly pleased that my new herbaceous … Continue reading End of Month View: May

An evening in May

The garden looked amazingly tidy and beautiful yesterday evening after I had cut the grass. Time to rest on laurels for a minute or two? (And to notice that our walnuts are finally coming into leaf –  have to make sure I join in with Lucy’s June ‘Tree Following’ now that I have something that looks … Continue reading An evening in May

My garden in April

The garden in April demanded – lots of work! But I’m away from it at the moment, with time to flick through the pictures I took of the tulips. It seemed a shame to let them (and other small garden changes) go uncelebrated. I’m too late to join in with Helen’s end of month meme at the … Continue reading My garden in April