April: End of Month View

25 thoughts on “April: End of Month View”

    1. Thanks Pat – the worry is boring others rigid with one’s words – but garden bloggers are a patient, tolerant breed, aren’t we? I hope I’ve got it right first time too … we’ll see.

  1. I really appreciated this after last night’s visit!

    On 1 May 2016 at 14:11, “Garden Dreaming at Châtillon” wrote:

    > Cathy posted: “For the first time I’m joining in with Helen’s meme at The > Patient Gardener. I’m sorry that this is rather long, but it’s been ages > since I did a practical update on the entire garden; this is as much for my > long-term record as for your interest. April w” >

  2. That last pic is beautiful. I’m now wondering if you’ve pointed out the reason for my own struggle with magnolias. It’s heavy wet clay here too.

    1. I think that may be a problem – also too much mulch on a heavy soil. I lost a young M. stellata in London because I was working somewhere where we had lots of lovely leafmould available; I took some home in bags and piled it on too thick! If you plant on sloping ground, results might be better, however?

  3. what a lovely wander through your garden Cathy, the steps leading down to the vine pergola look very steep! I think your knot garden filled with colourful tulips will look wonderful and from above is how they were originally designed to be seen, your steep hillside garden is perfect for it, I like your woven plant supports I keep meaning to make some from my willows, Frances

    1. Hi – so glad you left a comment! I visited your site this afternoon (and a few other people with your comments system). I very much wanted to leave a message, but couldn’t. How do you do it? And of course you’d be welcome any time!

  4. I heard at a talk recently that you shouldn’t underplant magnolias as they don’t like the competition, I don’t know how true that is but I had just planted a stellata in a very full border!! We shall see. The flooding is amazing but I am sure the water is very much welcomed. It looks quite beautiful

    1. Possibly a reason, Helen. I shall be careful about what I do. The flooding is truly superb (as long as you are living at the top of the slope looking down!)

  5. Beautiful views, Cathy. We’ve had lots of rain too, let’s hope it’ll stop for a while. At least the rainwater tanks are all full. Must try my hand at these artistic plant supports which remind me of those at Wisley.

    1. How kind – I don’t think they look like the ones at Wisley close up! When I worked at Oxford Botanic we used to use lots of birch cut for us in the arboretum and it was wonderful to weave (no breakage, unlike hazel, so supple). A peony that had been supported looked just lovely immediately afterwards and by flowering you couldn’t see a thing. I reckon I’ll plant a few birch!

      1. sadly we don’t have any birch around here but hazel should do too – well, one can see you’re a pro 🙂

  6. You have quite a garden–it’s huge!! And so beautiful!! Does it require “regular” maintenance, or is your garden work more seasonal?

    1. Hi Tina – the garden is possibly not quite as large as it looks. It’s about 1/2 an acre. But we get to enjoy the grounds of the chateau as well and all the landscape up and down the river. It is still very much in the process of being ‘made’, which means I am out there strimming, digging and weeding every time it is not raining. Hopefully, the work will become a little lighter now, as I am (more-or-less) at the end of creating the intensely gardened bit.

  7. Great post. Your blue pergola is going to be fantastic. Great selection of Narcissi also. I’ve never heard of tulip fire – gosh, another plant disease to worry about. Glad to hear you are still looking forward to colorful new tulip bulbs.

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