End of Month View: May

30 thoughts on “End of Month View: May”

    1. Not easily, Eliza. I hope it will get easier however. I’m always still digging new borders in March/April. But that should (mostly) be over by 2017 and then it will just be maintenance and pleasurably ‘fiddling’.

  1. Gosh, Cathy, it’s just stunning and I absolutely love your romantic style. I’m the same, roses peeping through veils of wildflowers. It suits the place you’ve chosen perfectly! The new pergola looks really cool, I love the pebble mosaic (can you show a close up some time, please) and the reduced plant palette. You’ve created all these different moods, so important for a garden. It must be bliss to sit there with a glass of wine and look down into the valley. A garden on different levels is harder to maintain but a lot more interesting. As for the parterre, I’m not one for bedding, I’d go for a beautiful groundcover rose or so, like Kent (white) or check out those by Louis Lens, his roses are adorable (I’ve Pink and White Spray, Tapis volant). Chapeau for all you’ve achieved, how I’d love to visit 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Annette (although I did look everywhere for my pebble mosaic – I don’t think I have one! The idea of having the time to create something so beautiful in my garden is a bit of a dream at the moment – later maybe). Good thoughts about the white groundcover roses – thank you! I’ve made a note of the names you suggest. Will immediately look at the Louis Lens roses. I also wondered about Margaret Merrill (only 2 foot high or so), although people say it can be a bit disease prone.

      1. Don’t go for Margaret, too sick, they’re far nicer roses around and I find especially Lens breeds fab, healthy and very charming roses (often Moschata-hybrids). Thought the mosaic is on the ground of your pergola terrace but couldn’t see properly.

      2. Thanks for the advice about Margaret – I did like the Lens roses – I remember Grouse (I think it was) from the past. Thanks again!

  2. [J] Hmm! Methinks we in the Outer Hebrides have a lot to be grateful for this May! I think there’s been one day of rain, and a few days have started with some cloud, but it’s cleared. Daytime shade temperatures the same as with you! But then … … [D] Jonathan, we don’t talk about May 2015, do we?!

    1. Aren’t you lucky! I know my mother in Perthshire is having wonderful weather at the moment – every time we speak she apologises for it!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your garden Cathy. It is all looking wonderful. I love your two- tone pergola. The banksiae rose is fabulous and much better suited to your climate than mine.
    Well we certainly got the rain last night accompanied by high winds, my garden looks flattened.
    I love all your irises, I think they should be flashy and flamboyant although I do grow some Cedric Morris ones too, which have a more subtle beauty. Have you thought of doing a bit of Iris hybridising? It’ s easy to do and great fun.
    I agree about Souvenir de la Malmaison, I have got rid of mine. We always seem to get rain when she is in bud and how disgusting those mouldy brown buds look.

    1. Hello – funny, just replied to your other comment re the irises on your own blog! Yes, I think I will try it a little. It was something my grannie and great-aunt used to do in Canada (g auntie worked on gladioli, grannie on irises). Re SdlM. Mostly it is incredibly dry here in spring – this is the first wet May we’ve had. It’s lovely for the rest of the garden, but not for the roses (particularly SdlM). Usually there’s just a small disappointment with it, a small amount of badly timed rain, then prune the buds and it’s off and running to enjoy. So – one year in three maybe, I can lose myself in the shape of those superb flowers – I just can stop looking at them when they are perfect. So it’s worth it! Also I noticed that the wall where it is planted (facing south) sometimes gives some of the buds protection from rain, so they are ok.

  4. Echoing Chloris, what a treat to tour your magnificent garden. The irises are beautiful and such a variety of them. The view looking down on the garden is beautiful, but I love the pathway shots–it really feels as if I’m walking though. Thanks for the tour–you live in a special place.

    1. We do live in a special place, Tina. But we could do without this ‘special’ rain at the moment – it’s not normal for us!

  5. What an enjoyable beginning to my day, a walk around your garden; your romantic style suits the lovely old walls perfectly. Our May has been just like yours- crazy weather. I find ‘Pierre di Ronsard just as bad for its buds never opening after rain not that that is usually a problem here. Like the idea of the two tone pergola, very clever. We’re forecast heavy rain again tomorrow and it’s a holiday here!

    1. Oh dear Christina – bad news about Pierre de Ronsard. I seem to have picked two of the worst for the Iris Garden. And thanks for the kind words!

  6. This is my first look at your garden and I am quite overwhelmed. It’s beautiful and full of wonderful things. I love your vine pergola and your collection of irises is delicious.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting. I’m overwhelmed at the moment to – what with all the rain, it is like a jungle out there. I’m glad I took my pictures when I did.

  7. Your rain is making headlines over here. I do hope it stops soon! The garden is looking just fabulous though. I’ve also bought an Anchusa (with trepidation) so we’ll both see how we get on. The shade of blue is just too wonderful not to try.

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