Be careful what you wish for …

19 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for …”

  1. Hi, darling , that was a real treat. Thanks so much. Have had a good day. Ron, Fi and Jill were here, visited Tullibannocher and got some bulbs . Love, Mum xxx

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  2. Hi
    What a brilliant blog, I now realize the extent of Nicks work, I hope it is finished before winter arrives and although you said it hat it was a lot of work, your pics spell that out! . How I love the peacock on the asters, a real treat. I also think that the view of the garden with the church in the background is enchanting. I have missed your blogs x

    1. Thanks so much Paula – yes, he has bitten off a lot of work (I’m a bit in awe and nervous of it all at the moment!) The butterflies are overwhelmingly beautiful at the moment. I feel so proud to have planted things that our garden insects are enjoying so much.

  3. Wow lot of work going on but you can already see how impressive it will be. I don’t envy you walking back up that slope but it’s a site loaded with potential and you are doing a splendid job with your already beautiful garden. I look forward to seeing the next stage in the development.

    1. I do hope it will be as impressive … the main thing is to keep prodding Nick until he has finished. Otherwise I (it’s me who does the digging) could be left with something rather unmanageable come the winter months. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment!

  4. Nice to hear from you. 🙂 Your asters (and butterflies) are beautiful! I expect you’ve had a busy summer with the plans for the gardens coming together nicely. These projects take time!

    1. Nice to hear from you too. I am so adoring these asters at the moment – could sit and stare and the wildlife they are attracting for hours. I have never heard such buzzing in the garden! We have tried to be as busy, but there are always other parts of life to maintain as well.

  5. It looks like you’ve been working really hard! Loads going on – well done. It’s looking great. It’s a huge project and these things take time. Lots of beauty to enjoy along the way😊

    1. They do indeed take time, Sam. I’m a little too impatient – and Nick likes to do things very, very thoroughly. In a way, I suppose that makes for a good balance!

  6. Thanks for filling us in on your background, Cathy – it adds to the picture we are ablt to build up of our fellow bloggers. Do you know how long you are likely to stay in one place or how much notice you would get of a move? You are certainly making yourself at home here even if France is not your country of choice – what a strange response your visitors have… Good to catch up with your garden and what you have doing – and to hear from you again of course!

    1. And thanks to you as well, Cathy! Learning about the ‘back histories’ of other bloggers is so important. I need to be more curious – I suspect yours is rather complex too? You do so much – am in awe! We will be here in Chatillon as long as I can manage the garden! Will try to take part in IaVoM again as soon as possible – waiting for the Christina-inspired white snapdragons to do their stuff!

      1. Perhaps all our back histories are complex in their own individual ways – it’s all relative, isnt it? And yes, I think some of us are more curious than others – personally, I am curious about anything and everything 😉

  7. Hi Cathy,

    After chatting with Nic for a while yesterday at night near the bonfire I was sure of discovering nice large slabs used as steps. AsI can see now what he’s achieved, he has very good reasons to be proud of what he’s achieved in your garden…Oh yes, he can. And there’s more : those lovely pictures of yours, the ones with the asters and the small tortoiseshell are brillant you know ! By the way, any red admirals around your flower beds now ? Still, it’s well over a month since I saw a painted lady. What about you ? And last, but not least, Nic shared a secret with me : you should get a nice glasshouse in a near future : how lucky you are ! Unfortunately Marie and I have got other priorities now : having new double insulated flues fitted next week, after removing the chimney above and under the roof level. It was a heck of a job ! A pity I couldn’t give you some of the slabs I got rid of…they were heavily stained with tar. In brief, cheer up ignore negative comments : some people can’t pay compliments, furthermore I’m always eager to read and enjoy your blog, it’s packed with jewels, you know !

    With my best regards,


    1. Jacques – I’m so sorry that I’ve taken such a long time to reply (but we have seen each other since then). What kind comments you have left – it is very much appreciated, although I am sometimes slow to show my appreciation!

  8. Oh, I am coming by so late here, Cathy!! I lost track of a number of blogs, including yours, which is too bad as I always love reading it! At any rate, I hope you will get my comment here eventually…
    It was lovely learning a little more about you; I am looking forward to more about singing French!
    I can’t blame you a bit for having your heart in your throat over all that work, but it looks like it will be fabulous. Love your butterflies; they and the other wildlife give such an extra sense of life to the garden, don’t they?
    I also want to let you know I have just moved my own blog to an altogether new site, where hopefully there will be no more problems with commenting. I was fed up with half my readers having such a difficult-to-impossible time leaving comments! It’s not quite finished but working as of today: (and the link will now take you there anyway 😉 ) I am just adding your blog to my link list… 😀

    1. Amy – I am so sorry to be so very late replying to you. Life has not been at all normal these days! But I’m hoping that it is settling now. The butterflies filled up hours with joy – now it is colder they are gone, but I have pictures of them on my screen-saver. I think it’s wise to consider who hosts one’s blog. I used to be at Weebly and I just loved my little world there (!!!) but I came onto WordPress because I didn’t want always to creating a diary in perfect isolation. I am not a faithful blogger – but I do so much love my blog and enjoy reading other people’s – I shall be straight over to yours. Probably a vase on Monday?!!!

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