November treasures

4 thoughts on “November treasures”

  1. Much to admire in your garden Cathy. I also grew Blackfield this year for the first time and was very impressed. I have been caught out with non-hardy Pennisetum too. I have one called viridescens which is very tough and looks similar to yours. Love your hydrangeas too. The fading flowers and autumn foliage make them more interesting later in the year.

  2. Some lovely autumn colour in your gardens, Cathy, esp. those cherries. It is interesting to see that your red oak has already lost its leaves. Here, oak and beech are the last to color up (they are peaking this week) when most everything else has dropped its leaves. Beech hold their dried leaves (I love the rustle in winter winds) and some oaks do, too, but it is mostly younger ones, it seems.

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