October treasures: Quercus rubra

16 thoughts on “October treasures: Quercus rubra”

  1. Your garden looks lovely Cathy, nice to see it again. That tree is beautiful as are those adorable kitties! ‘m not fond of Eupatorium cannabinum, it’s a bit thuggish (I have some that I keep cutting back, but it is impossible to remove) but Eupatorium purpureum is a much nicer variety. They like damp conditions so maybe plant some where your ground floods?

    1. Thanks so much for the comment!! I shall be less delighted and more wary of E. cannabinum! Unfortunately the flooded bit would involve digging up more ground (and then weeding it!) When I was slightly younger, I use to think I’d get down there, right to the bottom of the garden. But now I’m not quite so sure. We have often wondered if we should just experiment with a smallish corner.

  2. Your garden has such a wonderful autumnal glow, Cathy–definitely someplace I would want to wander through and simply enjoy. It’s curious about the Eupatorium, but sometimes I find that plants have entirely different ideas than I do about wet/dry locations! Love the kitties!

  3. I absolutely love your gardens, Cathy!! For years I had to keep mine all tidy buy lately I’ve been just letting things go as they want to go. I would love to have your landscaping. And your cats are adorable! Thank you for sharing your part of this world. What a beautiful life you live! xo

    1. So kind Amy – I always enjoy your blog and your comments – you are very thought-provoking which is refreshing and eye-opening! If only my life were quite as beautiful as it looks in the pictures – I think all of us bloggers have that little niggling issue!!!

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