November treasures

I’m doing pretty well here! This is probably one of the very few times I’ve actually blogged in November – it’s my least favourite month of the year. A time when I feel at my least hopeful … but I love December, January, February, so have to keep reminding myself that they are just around … Continue reading November treasures

Dry August

It’s dry, dry dry here, in spite of the fact that we’ve had more rain this summer than usual and the temperatures have only soared beyond 38 degrees centigrade on one day. However, I nipped off this page to do a temperature double-check and found a frightening news item (posted a day ago), asking if … Continue reading Dry August

Rāhui Day 54

I’m nearly there … the last of the irises and then, in the next two days, the first of the roses. Hopefully we won’t be severed completely from the internet before then! Iris ‘Alizes’ is flowering full-on now. Iris ‘Comme un Oeuf’ is a rather frilly version of an egg. I like it! Iris ‘Ciel … Continue reading Rāhui Day 54