An August indulgence (the long read …)

23 thoughts on “An August indulgence (the long read …)”

  1. Every time I see your garden, I am overwhelmed by how large it is for just two people to maintain it. You must fall into bed exhausted every night! Hats off to you both.

    1. Thanks Eliza! Of course, most of the time it’s just me doing the garden, but Nick comes along at all the right moments and makes a real difference.

  2. I have so enjoyed this lengthy and chatty tour of your garden, the most comprehensive one we have shared. It is good to hear from you and I hope you are managing the work/ life balance as well as you could hope for. Seeing your greenhouse base I suggest you DON’T read my new post ‘One Stone’…😉

    1. Hi Cathy – yes, the work (I’m freelance, working at home) has tailed off a bit. Now I’m painting up in the attic, but hope to be blogging a bit more. And, of course, I am going straight over to yours to look at your post!!! Nosy by nature.

  3. Loved the tour & very impressed by all the work you have both done. We have been enjoying home grown potatoes courtesy of Monty Don-style black bags. Veg-patch back to semi building site after repair to bodger builders broken drain pipe & 2 week hols up north with the enfants & grands enfants in Loire Atlantique.

    I find your blog encouraging & am determined to develop our garden sanctuary now fundamentals like fosse septique & taux are sorted.

    1. So glad you find the blog encouraging Roger – and well done with the potatoes. Such a good idea! I wish we had sorted our own fundamentals out! Good luck!

  4. You have achieved so much Cathy! A slow walk around your beautiful garden was perfect after a rather hot lunch outside. In reality it is still too hot to have lunch outside despite the lovely shade the wisteria provides. It does all look very green to me, EVERYTHING is parched.

    1. Of course you are in your summer height of heat, Christina. But sitting under the wisteria (so perfectly trained!) sounds refreshing. Hoping to get back into blogging a bit, and will ‘visit’ your garden soon via your blog!

  5. Always a pleasure to go for a stroll with you, Cathy, but I’m worried because if you have to show your hubby the garden here, it must really be serious with his absence. 😉 It must be a lot of work for one person. Isn’t it great that this summer isn’t as hot and as dry? Such a relief to see everything so green and happy. Love that eucomis and my Muehlenbeckia has also taken over the house wall, cheeky little thing. What kind of a greenhouse will you put up? We have to replace ours and haven’t quite made up our minds. I saw a lovely one in Gardens Illustrated a while ago, French one actually and rather beautiful. Bit worried though about glass as I feel it may get too hot. Happy summer days 🙂

    1. Hi Annette – and nice to hear from you too. Yes, nice to have had some rain and cooler weather this year. I have bought a little Eden Orangery from England (through a company in Brittany that imports certain brands) It is small but an interesting shape. Although I, too, have reservations about the heat – may be unusable in summer!

    1. I underestimate every chore! Sorry to be so very long responding to your comment. I shall beetle along and look at your own blog soon. And glad you enjoyed – thanks!

  6. Hi Lindsay. I have only just found this post as I had to resubscribe to get notified of new posts! It was a really enjoyable walk around your garden. It is so big, and with so many steps I am sure it keeps you fit just taking a walk around it every few days! There is so much of interest and I hope you will post again soon as your garden slips into autumn mode.

    1. Cathy – (I’m another Cathy, by the way). I am so sorry it’s taken me such a long time to respond. Funnily enough I took pictures (today, Monday) for your Tuesday View. Is that allowed?

      1. Apologies for getting names mixed up Cathy. I missed the vase meme today and am not sure if I will manage a view tomorrow, but please feel free to post your view! 🙂

  7. Wow, I never realised how large the garden was until today. It’s fabulous to get an over view like this. I’m rather late reading and commenting as Autumn has been taken up with family illnesses and operations. My daughter and mum are both doing really well now, so have a bit more time to catch up. All the best. Karen x

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Karen – I’m so pleased to hear that your family health issues are behind you now and hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas together!

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