In a Vase on Monday

17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday”

  1. It was nice to see your blog post pop up again, Cathy! Your roses may not be what you’d hoped for but they’re beautiful and so much nicer than the paltry rose blooms in my own garden. Peach-colored roses are at the top of my list so I adore your ‘Old Wollerton Hall’. My own dahlias and zinnias are long gone for the season so I enjoy seeing those too.

    1. Thanks Kris – I do love the peachy ones too. I suspect when it becomes daylight today I will discover that my dahlias and zinnias have passed away too!

  2. Hello Cathy, nice to hear from you again. A lovely arrangement. I love your roses. Kristina grows that zinnia and it is definitely on my next year’s list. I am not terribly keen on HT roses but a good one for cutting is Savoy Hotel.

    1. Thanks for the tip Chloris – just looked it up and it is a real contender for the cut flower garden! I’m limiting them to that spot and will try and limit the numbers too, although when I saw my first ‘Pascali’ in a vase in the kitchen, I knew why I’d had a yearning for a plant that I don’t particularly like!

  3. What a lovely jug/mug of blooms that is (and augemented by its own blooms too!) – you wouldn’t think it was the end of October looking at its abundance in the sun. Wollerton Old Hall is a gorgeous rose (and a lovely garden to visit) and the dark antirrhinum is so striking. Are you still having to do a lot of juggling? Sorry things have been so difficult for you…

    1. I’m just not as good at juggling as you are, Cathy! It’s a real talent which I wish I’d learnt years ago. Too many things got in the garden’s way this year – but there’s always 2018! Sometimes I’d love to be back in the UK and visiting all the lovely gardens (like Wollerton) that I’ve never seen. Thanks for your kind comment. Hope to be with you again next week.

      1. And yet strangely there are things I find harder to fit in since I stopped working – because there are so many other things occupying my time now and vying for attention

  4. This is a very lovely mix of things and a great run down of the contents reminding me that I don’t have Thalictrum flavum any more. Perhaps I should look for it. As Susie from PBM Garden pointed out, passalongs are sure to do well. I’m sure you’ll find the right place for the grass and the spikes add a good balance to your lovely jug.

  5. It is a lovely jug of flowers and nice to see your vases again. My vases rarely end up what was in my mind’s eye! The Roses are lovely and I have just planted some Dahlias for a Floridian experiment. Inspired by vases from all over. Pennisetum is an amazingly hardy plant, it even grows here!

  6. Lovely to see a post from you, Cathy. This is a beautiful collection of flowers that matches the jug/mug perfectly. And photographed in such gorgeous light. Hope life settles down for you soon.

  7. So very pretty! Wollerton Old Hall is one of my favorite roses, but it’s too cold for them up here. I like the Black Prince snapdragons, too!

  8. It’s a beautiful vase, and such a girgeous photo of it too. I love that green zinnia and the thalictrum foliage. I had no idea the foliage comes back if cut down.

    1. I get so I can’t bear it anymore around July – then it gets cut and by September it is about 9-12″ high and gives the impression of a silvery groundcover.

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