A week of flowers. Day 5

Sunday’s my favourite day – nothing unexpectedly shocking will arrive in the post. (Although there is now email, which knows no holiday). Peace will – most probably – reign. (But perhaps that’s tempting fate?) In the summer I’d be out in the garden, in winter it’s a spot of drawing, music or just reading in … Continue reading A week of flowers. Day 5

A tale of two roses

About two weeks ago the BV (Bon Viveur, alias my husband) informed me after his morning walk around the garden that rose ‘Ferdinand Pichard’ looked exactly the same as ‘Rosa Mundi’ (also known as Rosa gallica ‘Versicolor’). They are streets apart in looks and history, but it got me thinking. So here’s the Fair Rosamund … Continue reading A tale of two roses

Rāhui Day 55

Here’s a little race around the roses just beginning to flower in the garden. Since I succesfully uploaded all the pics yesterday afternoon, I decided to go for it in one shot. Tomorrow is my last day, and I still have (happily), three pictures up my sleeve. Flowering in the Iris Garden, ‘Blairii No. 2’ … Continue reading Rāhui Day 55

Rāhui Day 49

A week today I’m going to stop doing these daily posts. France will slowly be coming out of confinement from the 11th of May (next Monday). They’ve created a regional map. The areas called ‘green’ – least badly hit by Covid-19 – will experience (we imagine) a relaxation of the regulations then. Unfortunately in the … Continue reading Rāhui Day 49

Rāhui Day 47

The Rose Walk is beginning to look decidedly grey, purple and blue, as it always does just before the roses flower. The grey comes from Stachys lanata and Nepeta x faassenii ‘Six Hills Giant’ (what a shame it always flops in the middle, just before flowering!). This year I’ve high hopes for a white-flowered valerian … Continue reading Rāhui Day 47

Rāhui Day 45

My Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’ are budding up nicely (S. longispicata x S. farinacea; said to be dwarfer than ‘Indigo Spires’, but it always seems nice and tall to me). I’ve treasured them for 3 years now and they over-winter in the greenhouse. Since the Rose Walk doesn’t look so flower-filled from July, I’ve dotted these … Continue reading Rāhui Day 45

Rāhui Day 37

The last tulips (‘Sorbet’) and narcissus are going over now in the Rose Walk. The bronze fennel is beginning to look pretty … The valerian on the walls is flowering … The Iris pallida are budding up beautifully – they should be better than ever this year … And it’s only April. Even more striking … Continue reading Rāhui Day 37