When you miss Six on Saturday … carry on regardless!

24 thoughts on “When you miss Six on Saturday … carry on regardless!”

  1. It’s nice to see the bare bones of your garden, it is BIG! Must take a lot of maintenance and hard work, but so rewarding. The Cyclamen coum are so sweet. I really must buy some.

    1. Thanks Paddy – yellow-stemmed grows really fast but ‘Sibirica’ is a little slow for my liking – trickier to root in this soil as well, than I’ve found in the past.

  2. Love your comment about tidy looking garden. My small plot looks also very organized. However the small slugs still manage to survive the cold. Must try to be optimistic like you.
    Keep writing, Beatrix

    1. Thanks for visiting – your small plot always looks lovely to me – and is actually not so small! I must visit and see it a few years on this spring or summer!

    1. Embarrassingly, I’ve done it again, Eliza. The Sunday thing. I’m getting worse and worse at blogging – but so appreciative of people like you who are more faithful. Must go over to yours this evening for your Silent Sunday!

  3. It’s good to see the defined areas of your garden in winter, and close up there is already a lot happening. Hope you can stay on top of it without feeling overwhelmed later in the year… enjoy this season!

    1. Thanks Cathy – I’m praying I can. The last few years I have found difficult, but some of that ‘psychological’ stuff is hopefully falling away now, just in time for the new season!

  4. The structure really stands out, and I get what you are saying about the tidiness – it’s as if everything is on hold, making it easier to be in control…but we know that as soon as the weather and light levels improve the garden will be off like a shot and we will be playing catch up for the rest of the year! Good to hear from you again

    1. And from you Cathy – yes, indeed, it is all gathering itself for the off. However I’ve just included a reminder (to myself) today of what February can be like. Lovely, lovely snow …

      1. Hmm, I trust you are being facetious about the snow! 😂 Thankfully the forecast here is dry and all but double digit temperatures for the next fortnight…

  5. I love seeing photos of your garden, especially showing its structure, it’s so beautiful……and I totally relate to your comment about finding deep winter less stressful in terms of being less out of control with one’s garden!! Me too – where I am we’re in summer now, cooler and wetter than usual (Canberra, Australia), and the weeds are approaching out of control….

  6. I just found your blog. Really nice to see your French garden! We have been to France often, and sometimes driving through the countryside, you really wonder what people’s lives and gardens are like… We are living and gardening in Denmark – on an organic farm
    greetings from Liv

    1. Thanks so much Liv! I wouldn’t say we were very typical. In our area a garden is mostly vegetables … you must be so busy if you are on an organic farm – so much more so than I! Thanks for taking the time to visit. All best for the 2023 season!

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