Six on Saturday. 12 November 2022

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday. 12 November 2022”

    1. Oh – that’s so interesting about the Hameln – I kept seeing wonderful pictures, and its not doing it here – but the ‘Red Head’ is …

  1. Hey, I also featured Gladiolus mureliae! I had wanted to try it for several years, but could not justify doing so. They were available, and inexpensive, but just happened to be more than we had any use for. A neighbor gave me two pots of it a few years ago, and they are doing well, and are seemingly reliably perennial.

    1. I must go over and have a look, Tony! I’m afraid that I can’t really leave them in the ground here – sometimes they’ll come through the winter, sometimes they won’t. So I buy them, plant them, then lift them and put them in a pot for the following season.

      1. Gee, that seems like an odd one to dig. I think of them as quite resilient. In our climate, many bulbs and bulb like plants do not get sufficient chill to bloom as well as they do elsewhere. I do not even want to try peonies again.

  2. A really interesting post, Cathy, and I especially love that first picture. It’s fascinating to hear other gardeners mulling over their gardens like this. Sadly, you have also reminded me that I will have structures to repaint this winter – and that I haven’t planted my tulips yet! ps you will laugh, I am sure, to know that I have only realised today that your ‘gravatar’ depicts snowdrops, and not a white horse which is what I have thought for all these years!!! 🤣 (I must normally just see a tiny version, which is my excuse!))

  3. Some lovely autumn colour Cathy. I planted my tulips and bulbs early this year and have Muscari foliage appearing already, so later rather than sooner is – in the case of bulbs at least – not a bad thing!

    1. The colour really has been nicer this year. In fact the cherries look better every morning that I get up (I look down at them from the house)

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