Six on Saturday. 23 May 2020

27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday. 23 May 2020”

    1. Thanks so much – getting sleepy tonight (an hour ahead of you and nearly past my bedtime!) So will visit your garden tomorrow!

  1. I love the natural, ‘messy’ look… I have self-sowers galore and sometimes Nature does a better design job that I ever would. 😉
    Your roses are stellar!

    1. Oh, you are so right Eliza – actually I think it’s wonderful that I have less energy now. I would have been weeding all the loveliness away 10 years ago!

  2. The poppies are beautiful and I really love the irises with the lush greenery all around them. What a lovely space to do gardening in. Tidy but a little wild too. Wonderful! Are you able to sit and relax in your garden? I find it hard as I always see something to do!

    1. I am the same. But, as you say, it is a lovely space (although hard work). Am learning to be more philosophical, thanks to laid-back husband!

  3. The poppies are really lovely–and look quite healthy. I’d let them self-seed all they want to! Wishing you energy and humor.

    1. Thanks so much. And yes, I do, I treasure them – they can do what they want! I am refinding what’s important (and my sense of humour!) Thanks for your comment, Susan.

  4. Superb, especially the poppies x

    On Sat 23 May 2020 at 19:02, Garden Dreaming at Châtillon wrote:

    > Cathy posted: “This is a bit belated – I’ve been struggling to find the > energy to blog (or to do much else!). But it’s a new week tomorrow! Let’s > hope I get my sense of humour back too. 1. My little miniature poppy meadow > at the entrance to the Mirror Garden. When I ” >

    1. It does indeed. And we have been tidying up the Rose Walk after the rain yesterday (also a leak in the roof – more worrying!)

  5. I think the iris sibirica look just wonderful especially in the photo with the pink rose almost like an exclamation mark. And poppies are always such a show. Lovely six.

    1. So interesting that you noticed the pink rose, Jane! I don’t know its name. It was ‘rescued from our previous (tiny) garden in Alsace. I have been very pleased with it this year. It is starting to grow and flower properly.

  6. I too find it hard to read all the posts each week, but I’m glad that you made your post nonetheless. I love seeing your garden. It looks wonderful and the roses are gorgeous. I planted Celestial this Winter so no flowers for this year, but I’m pleased that I made a good choice. I’ve admired Blairii No2 in books and it looks amazing in your garden.

    1. I wouldn’t be without Blairii 2 (and my favourite cat is also buried under it – lots of fertiliser!), but it needs a large space – it is a very vigorous rose. If you can give it that (and lots of pruning time), you will never regret. Celestial is looking just perfect at the moment. I have loved it since seeing a Hilliers exhibit at Chelsea in the 80s. Being a blogger can be a full-time job. But the garden is much more important. I give my love to that and try to blog a little (avoiding square eyes!)

  7. A bigger garden means bigger swathes of things like your beautiful wall of Blairii no 2 roses – lovely! Hope your mood lifts – and you get your leak sorted! ps better to let the blog serve you, and not the other way round

  8. Your garden certainly does not look messy!! There is just such an amazing number of plants and colour in it, and it looks so natural! Love all the photos, especially the one of the bee in the poppy.

  9. Hi Cathy, I would like to buy a Zephirine drouhin and wonder if you could recommend me an address? And is it the right time to plant one?

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