Six on Saturday

19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday”

    1. I like it too – we always have a ‘spring’ meal with pancakes and flowers around the 2nd, to celebrate the BV’s birthday even when he’s not here.

  1. Hi Cathy. About your lemon tree, use an anti-chlorosis fertilizer. I bought one (powder to dissolve in rainwater) from the brand “Ferticament”. (My palms and citrus seem to like this addition every 15 days)
    Isn’t your husband rather named “Bon Vivant” instead of “Bon Viveur”? This means that he likes good meals, good wines, the “terroir” and enjoying life.

    1. Thanks Fred! I knew it would be you who picked up on that – my husband himself has already corrected me in the past, but I carried on regardless. I found on Wikipedia today that ‘Bon Viveur’ is a pseudo-French term invented by the English in the 19th century. I think probably because we have a hard time understanding how an adjective and a present participle can become a noun (viveur is a noun, so we are comfortable with that)! Anyway – I’m definitely pseudo-French and as any French friend will tell you my French leaves a lot to be desired. I might stick to BV from now on, because my English grammatical sense won’t allow Bon Vivant (even though it’s correct!)!!! Thanks for the lemon advice – interesting that your palms like it too, so I might try it on my Chaemerops and the cycad as well.

      1. You’re welcome. Some of my palms (young seedlings only) seem to have a few yellow leaves and lack magnesium. This powder completes and corrects the lack and is very useful for exotic or Mediterranean plants.
        “Bon viveur” is also available but old French 😉

  2. I just look at that slope and it amazes me what you’ve managed to accomplish in such a short time. And of course there’s the house as well!
    Echeverias are irresistible to just about any gardener. I would have more but I’m limited to the ones that don’t stretch and deform too much under poor lighting in the winter. This fall I was surprised that a potful left out to perish survived several freezes until I finally broke and brought it inside. I wonder if any of yours could overwinter outdoors in a dry spot.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. So I guess I’m lucky that I have a sun room where they can sit during winter and not etiolate too much. Interesting about your experience leaving them outside. I think I’ll wait till I have some babies, because I’m too attached at the moment!

  3. Like bittster above, I have an echeveria that stretches where others just grow nicely. They have such lovely structure and pleased to hear that you love them too. Your garden is wonderful and to have a river too is wonderful. Congrats to Monsieur et Madamme Bon Vivants. Next time your husband goes to Ireland, he may bring back some cuttings as those will be sure to result in similar plants.

    1. Unfortunately he is never over there at the right time for hardwood cuttings – but it’s a thought. It was his very special house & garden growing up. I think the last time may have been his final visit to the house, since it was sad for everyone to see it in such a condition.

  4. Lovely to read how your winter is progressing. Just a quick recommendation, I have found that citrus do much better if they are kept in a pot that seems too small for them. Feed, definitely and water as required in summer, but if they are in a large pot the plants don’t thrive at all.

    1. Thanks Christina – great advice! So maybe I need to rethink the potting on plan – or perhaps a pot just a little larger than currently (it was left in the one I bought it in, since I was worried about bud drop.

  5. Good to read this catch-up, Cathy – and hurrah to Aldi! They have sone brilliant plant bargains which I often take advantage of too. They are often quite good with their labelling and if I do sense a ‘dumbing down’ of kabelling then I fir one will contact them and complain! I had a lemon last year too but it gradually sulked and I have more or less abandoned it to the elements – perhaps it just needed some TLC… You are making great progress with the raised beds – well done!

    1. Thanks Cathy – they do have good things sometimes. Last year a range of three different kinds of Japanese maples which were labelled properly. I was a little annoyed because I was trying to get one of each – got to the till queue and the man in front of me had grabbed the last one of one cultivar. He saw me looking and we had a bit of a laugh. So you can even meet plant people in there. I have a friend who used to chat up every English speaking person he met in the Aldi queue – his parties were fascinating!

      1. This did make me smile, Cathy! Mind you, striking up conversations anywhere can lead to all sorts of interesting information and coincidences!

  6. I never go to Aldi and didn’t realise they sold things like lemon trees and echeverias. Pergaps I will go and look. You are making great progress, I wonder how your roses will turn out, I love growing them from seed as you never know what you will get.

    1. Yes – they are rather interesting. To be honest, sometimes I feel there’s not enough time for proper propagating here – too much to do. So it was good to be forced!

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