In a Vase on Monday

27 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday”

  1. Oh I love the almost understated simplicity of this – it works so well and you definitely didn’t need anything else in the vase. I know what you mean about vases – they can so pretty but sometimes they just aren’t practical 😉 I guess ‘vide greniers’ are a bit like UK car boot sales? I have had planting by the moon books a couple of times, but have not managed to work according to the suggested times, so well done to you for managing it. I am sure the moon does have an effect when you think of the powerful influence it has over water. Oh and yes, please do be gentle to yourself…

    1. Yes, Cathy, vide grenier is like a car boot – but they are much prettier because they are held up and down a village street instead of in a field. Literally ’empty the attic’. I think the moon does have a powerful effect – the tricky thing is, what do you consider a leek to be/ or a spring onion? The French would say you use it for the root, I would say the leaves. That’s because the French like their onions/leeks white and the English speakers tend to think the leaves are the most important bit. So it leads to hours of ridiculous debate in our house!

      1. And life is too short to argue over a leek… 😉 Vide grenier sound lovely – how often would they be held in each village?

      2. Every village has one a year, but there are hundreds of tiny villages. And a website that tells you where all the vide greniers are in your area!

  2. I love those intense blues! My own blue anemones have pooped out. They don’t seem to do nearly as well in my current garden as they did in my old one but I pulled up the bulbs and planted them in an area of the garden that might be more hospitable – my fingers are crossed that they’ll return next year.

    Best wishes with the potatoes!

  3. Very pretty Cathy – those Anemones really are beautiful. I have never tried gardening according to the moon, but am convinced it would make a difference, so should try it. I have recently heard a lot about ‘moon wood’ – the wood from trees felled at a certain time in the moon’s cycle is of a higher quality and apparently has ideal properties for use as a building material….

    1. That’s fascinating about the ‘moon wood’, Cathy. The problem with gardening by the moon is that you often get such a brief window of opportunity that you can miss it for another 10 days or so – but it does seem to be ‘the accepted way’ in France.

  4. What a beautiful blue arrangement. I love the colours and the purple leaves, very elegant. A very pretty vase too. I did once try gardening by the moon but now I just do things when I have time. I expect if you got into the habit it would be easier.

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