Rāhui Day 46

I can’t quite get my head around this. Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ was flowering in April (as it should) and is still flowering. Normally ‘Blairii No.2’ is the next to flower, but not until mid to end of May. It is already starting to flower – so much so that one bloom is at the ‘over … Continue reading Rāhui Day 46

Rāhui Day 35

I strongly suspect that our Renaissance fete – the musée vivant – will not be happening in August this year. Sad, but since some stalwarts toil endlessly to practise their dancing, music, or street theatre (depicting some of the historical events in this village), perhaps they will appreciate a year’s vacation and we’ll come back … Continue reading Rāhui Day 35

Rāhui Day 33

After the wild irises on the rampart walls, the next to flower is ‘Langport Storm’. Here it is a few years ago after a nice April shower (bring it on!). It seems to me that the colour was more intense that year. This is our 34th day without rain: I wonder if the drought will … Continue reading Rāhui Day 33

Lockdown Day 26

Goodness knows when our little restaurant (Auberge de Chatillon) will reopen again. They do delicious take-away pizzas on Saturday night (even if they more closely resemble tarte flambée than the genuine article!) When we first moved here in 2011 it was open on Chatillon’s ‘Musée vivant’ days by the owner. He set it up as … Continue reading Lockdown Day 26

In a vase on Monday

Here’s my contribution to Cathy’s meme at Rambling in the Garden. I used only dahlias and roses – and probably not as much foliage as I ought to have used! The dahlias are: ‘Karma Irene’ (red), ‘Karma Lagoon’ (purple), ‘La Recoleta’ (pom-pom, dark purple), ‘Karma Choc’, ‘Noordwijks Glory’ and the little single anemone-flowered ‘Totally Tangerine. … Continue reading In a vase on Monday