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In a vase on Monday


DSC_0160. Peony

Flowers don’t come much more luscious than peonies do they? It’s my favourite cut flower when I am actually buying, but I find them so hard to cut in my own garden. This autumn I think I’ll divide both my pink and white peonies (I’ve only the two, both unnamed) and take a piece of each down to the cutting garden to nurture. Oh the joy of having a garden dedicated to cut flowers!

They were only cut today because the rain has smashed the roses, peonies and many of the delphiniums to the ground and I hate seeing them lying there unappreciated.

I noticed how nice Linaria ‘Canon Went’ was looking on Saturday and thought I might use it on Monday, but wondered what should go with it. The rain solved that problem …


Another rain-damaged plant was Crambe cordifolia. It was just starting to flower – only one massive inflorescence – and the rain broke the stem and left it for me to gather up.



Thank goodness I had already taken pictures of it in the Rose Walk. I’m going to take some down below in the autumn (I think) – or at least be brave enough to do root cuttings. It looks lovely here but hasn’t really got the space to do its best.

Finally, I added Scabiosa atropurpurea.


This is supposed to self-sow well. So far I haven’t noticed it here (although I did see a small seedling hitching a ride on a piece of Nepeta nervosa ‘Six Hills Giant’ that I put down in the wilder bit of the Hornbeam Gardens this spring. So perhaps it’s started!

I also bought three additional plants – with luck it should soon be well established here. Ideally I would have added a bit more of the scabious to my vase, but it looks so pretty in the border. I have to grit my teeth to cut any at all.


So – my vase for Monday. Now go on over to Cathy’s blog at Rambling in the Garden and see what the other ‘Monday vasers’ are up to. I bet there’s lots of roses and sweet peas!