My garden in April

The garden in April demanded – lots of work! But I’m away from it at the moment, with time to flick through the pictures I took of the tulips. It seemed a shame to let them (and other small garden changes) go uncelebrated. I’m too late to join in with Helen’s end of month meme at the … Continue reading My garden in April

Birth of a Knot Garden

My recent inspiration hasn’t translated itself to the keyboard. It took a new project and a day or so of much-needed rain for me to get up the desire to write about what I’ve been doing. My pictures are not exactly sparkling, because the weather was rather dull today (a bit like the photographer). Yesterday I finally began to set out the … Continue reading Birth of a Knot Garden

The School Project 2

So much for good intentions! I promised myself I’d photograph these hyacinths every seven days. But, you know what? They were just too boring every seven days! Although I did become rather excited when both little green noses had appeared. Generally, however, it was like sitting eternally watching a kettle boil. They have now been growing on … Continue reading The School Project 2