The Rose Walk

sunday 9 february 051Crocuses & February Garden 077

Pictures of the Rose Walk in February 2014, when the bulbs were just starting to poke their noses through. This was the second season after planting.

Eirig and Clematis supports 097

The foliage on the tulips has grown a lot by April. I have stuck with pastel colours, using varieties like ‘Sorbet’, ‘Queen of the Night’, ‘China Pink’ and ‘Sweet Impression’.

We had more than a touch of tulip fire in 2016, but in late April the show was still good.


And by June 2016 the Rose Walk looks like this …


Next, we move down for a closer look at the Long Border (just the other side of the low retaining wall in the pictures) …


2 thoughts on “The Rose Walk

    1. Cathy Post author

      I will certainly post a little more about the roses and the Rose Walk in the next few weeks. They are all just coming into their prime now.Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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