Late six on Saturday. 25 February 2023

11 thoughts on “Late six on Saturday. 25 February 2023”

  1. Thank you, I do love snowdrops and crocus.

    I hope that the frost during the coming week will not do any damage to the garden,

    Love x

  2. Crocus only do well for me on raised beds here and just about hang on where I have planted them in grass. I have had the same experience with G. nivalis. I put it down to wet soil.

      1. No, quite wet in winter but it dries out quickly enough. A high water table in winter but with gravel several metres down it drains in spring.

    1. Ha Ha, Frank – I’d like more, but ‘specials’ maybe – apricot colours and so on. I remember my father once saying to me that gardening was a wonderful hobby because it didn’t cost anything!!!!

  3. That garden is so steep! My garden was held in place by redwood limbs pegged in place across the slope. They worked like small retaining walls also, but needed to be replaced. Redwood trees constantly provided more material.

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