Six on Saturday, 5 November 2022

29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday, 5 November 2022”

  1. Grrr! Now I’ve been and looked up Dahlia ‘Nicholas’, which is rather lovely, in case that was a Peter Nyssen plant, which it is, and I’ve seen all their other Dahlias. Hopefully I’ll have forgotten by spring and won’t have succumbed to checking their perennial list. Fat chance!

    1. It is rather lovely – and it’s annoying to keep adding to one’s list. I like peachy colours and ‘Nicholas is also my husband’s name … so

    1. Thanks so much Jude – yes, it’s a beauty, even if not quite how I imagined. I have been enjoying the colours and the sunny autumn so much.

  2. It’s not just in your part of France that it’s hard to find interesting plants … I too order a lot online to have different varieties. I found that your Echinacea is very pretty and this dahlia : wow!

    1. Well – there you go. There do seem to be little pockets further south and west where it’s not as bad. I won’t move, however – I quite like the rain!

    1. Thanks so much – yes, I’m surprisingly fond of it – I didn’t think I would be, but since they tolerate our drought I tend to go for any that are on sale!

      1. That is interesting. Is it popular there? I find it interesting that North American trees are as popular as they are in regions where trees that are more popular here grow wild.

      2. No – it’s just me with my botanic garden background who loves and searches out interesting trees. Very popular in the UK though. France is not particularly interested in less usual hort subjects (which is strange, given the plant hunters that set off from our shores).

    1. She is indeed! In fact that’s what I say when I call her in .. either Ella Bella or Bella Ella! (Her name’s actually ‘Nigella’ – obviously named for one of our favourite flowers.

  3. Ella would certainly love that viewpoint where she can survey everything from a height and I love the photo of your old steps. Sourcing plants can be difficult here too, and nurseries seem to have a lot of same old, same old. Your echinacea is a pretty colour. I haven’t been successful at growing one of any colour here.

  4. The oak is (was!) wonderful Cathy. It has been mild this autumn here too, but only just above freezing point some nights. I also planted Blackfield last year and the wet summer got it settled in nicely. It struggled in the heat and drought, but as soon as we got rain in September it came into its own! Lovely dahlia and gorgeous Echinacea. Hope it turns out to be one that comes back reliably. And good luck with the salad. I have found the slugs don’t eat lamb’s lettuce, but my other salad seedlings have all been devoured!

  5. Lovely idea to set a goal of one thing per day to keep the garden up to snuff. I have thought a lot about this because a lot of people give up gardening because it is “too much work”. I always think: overplant, to keep the weeds down, and embrace no-dig. I cut a few things back if they are in my way in my combined veggie/native plant garden. Gives me more time to watch the insects and birds. Not much you can do about a path that includes steps, though. Very beautiful location!

    1. Sadly – I already didn’t meet my goal today. (I could wash some labels I suppose!!!). It is a very lovely garden, but the complications are many … I’ve gardened (including professionally) for about 35 years now, so I think I’m just a little worn out, from time to time!

  6. I’ve just tried Peter Nyssen for bulbs this year for the first time, so thanks for the recommendation for herbaceous too. We are not in a garden centre desert here, but they do tend to the kind who buy in what’s flowering rather than offering a good range, so mail order is my go to usually.
    I really enjoy your posts so do hope you rediscover your love for your garden (if it has gone away)

    1. Thanks so much for that! I am just feeling rather old at the moment, and because the garden’s on a steep slope, it wears me out faster. But I’m in the process of finding a new level!

  7. Cathy, your dahlias and echinacea sre real stunners. I love that burnished orange colour. I have a mollis azalea whose blooms fade to that colour as it ages. I adore it. I wish you luck with your leafy greens. I hope they out compete the munchers.

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