In a vase on Monday. 29 August 2022

14 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday. 29 August 2022”

  1. What a gloriously bountiful vase, Cathy, and you wouldn’t guess that your plants have struggled this year to look at it. What you have described is similar to what I have experienced here, with dahlias just not doing anything during the heat and my zinnias not enjoying being planted out in a cooler May. The second sowing of zinnias has surprisingly caught up and they are doing well now, and now that the extreme heat is over the dahlias have perked up again and are gaining both height and flowers. Some of my other annuals were over and done with far earlier than usual too. I used to have TE but sold him at one f our open garden events I found his blooms too big, but I do have another variety that has just sulked and is still no taller than a few inches. All weather related, I think.

    1. How very interesting to compare notes like this Cathy – and I see that Kris P has a similar dahlia problem on the other side of the atlantic. I do like TE … a far nicer purple than Karma Lagoon, although that’s such a good doer here. You should see the garden now (I don’t actually do much watering, since its too large). All brown … but the nights are cooler and I have hopes for the autumn!

  2. Oh, your zinnia are enviable as well. If the garden had been any more productive, there would be too many of them. (I really take good care of those in one of our landscapes, but no matter where they are here, they are not overly happy.)

  3. I love the combination of warm colored blooms, Cathy. Your ‘Queen’ series Zinnias look 100 times better than most of mine. I envy your success with snapdragons too – I finally found varieties in the ‘Chantilly’ series that will bloom during our cool season here if planted in December. (They’re goners when summer heat arrives.) I too have had trouble with dahlias this year. I’m currently waiting out a number of holdouts hoping they’ll bloom before the mildew sets in.

    1. So interesting – both you and Cathy (at opposite sides of the world!) are reporting the same dahlia problem. Lets keep our fingers crossed for later on … Here it will be the frost that stops them.

  4. Late season bounty is gorgeous, I hope it lasts a long time. How interesting about the snapdragons…I keep trying to remember to plant some. Your Euphorbia picture is fabulous.

  5. Beautiful selection of flowers with an interesting colour range. It has been cold, wet and windy all summer, but we had a tantalising brief Indian summer which produced a late flowering. I’m just staring to experiment with dahlias and although late to flower they seem to flourish. Tempted to try some Zinnias next year. Thank you for the inpiration.

    1. I am so late with my blogging. I hope you saw the recent dahlia post. Zinnias are wonderful. Look at Sarah Raven’s mixes – I love them.

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