A week of flowers. Day 4

18 thoughts on “A week of flowers. Day 4”

  1. Haha! That is the problem with having more time in winter to peruse websites and catalogues! 😉 Your roses are very pretty, but I still can’t imagine ever growing any myself. Perhaps I will be converted one day. After all, I refused to grow zinnias, phlox and delphiniums for years…. now they are all features in my summer garden! Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s a pleasure to join in Cathy – and thanks for this lovely idea. Don’t ever ‘convert’ – roses are too expensive (although the delphinium habit gets a bit pricey too!)

  2. Such beauties, I really like Damask ‘Madame Hardy’. And yes, May was such a washout month, cold and wet. Hope we don’t have another spring like that.

    1. It went on until September here. I’ve never known such a wet summer since we moved to France in 2008. It just seems to get wetter and wetter here. As you say – there’s hope still for 2022!

    1. I think I remember roses when I visited Florida – not terribly impressive. Even the roses here (very heavy clay soil and black spot) are not the best they could be. They are the only time I break the rule of running with what really suits the garden.

  3. Lovely roses, Cathy! I had very few blooms from mine this year, for which I’m blaming our drought. If only you could send your excess rain to California 😉

  4. What lovely roses Cathy. Like you we had a cool very wet summer which doesn’t flatter them. Do you have access to many varieties in local nurseries or do you buy online?

    1. I have to buy online, Anna. The closest decent nurseries are 1.5 to 2 hours away and they don’t sell roses (or just the usual). We now have a David Austin in France. All of these came (pre-Brexit) from Peter Beales.

  5. Your roses are romantic and lovely. Wish we could have exchanged weather this summer. I would have loved to have shared our dry summer, alternating every other week with your wet one! Hope you get more amenable rain patterns next year.

    1. So do I! It’s been horrendously wet here. And continues so. I fear what the weather has done to my bulbs that like summer-dry conditions.

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