A week of flowers. Day 3

13 thoughts on “A week of flowers. Day 3”

  1. Ah, forget-me-nots. You’ll never be without them now! And a reminder to me that I need to pull some of the self-sown ones out of the gravel when we get a dry day. As for 31 December 1999 I was at home with my youngest son (17) who had his leg in full plaster after an operation on his broken knee on 24 December! I got up early on 1 Jan 2000 to walk to a nearby lake to watch the sun rise and saw seven swans a swimming on the water. It wasn’t a very dramatic sunrise! And at that time in my life I had no idea that 22 years later I would be married again and living in Cornwall. I was still hoping to emigrate to Australia, a dream that was sadly dashed by the Australian government changing the age of entry for a skilled migrant to 45. I had just turned 46. So a date that I shall never forget.

    1. Seven swans at sunrise! Someone should have written a folk tune about that! Sounds like your life was radically altered in unforseen ways too – just like mine. Unfortunately the forget-me-nots that I had as small seedlings from a friend didn’t like life higher up in the garden, which makes me doubly happy that these appear to be thriving lower down in more ‘normal’ conditions. Hopefully they really are here to stay now.

  2. I love how forget-me-nots spread into a carpet of blue. Mine are amongst bleeding hearts and the yellow ‘Pipit’ narcissi I posted yesterday, a pretty combo. I celebrated the turning of the millennium with my young kids in the living room watching the Times Square ball drop on TV. (I still have the hats and horns with 2000 on them!) And NO, I had no clue what the future would lead to… glad I didn’t!

  3. Lovely flowers, taking me back (or forward?) to spring! The forget-me-nots are wonderful ground cover and it is nice to have memories attached to them. 😉 Yes, 2022 does seem like a futuristic number. I was already in Germany in 1999, and I think I was at home with friends ew Year’s Eve and we went sledging on New Year’s Day! 😃

  4. All your flowers are winsome Cathy. I really like the Camassia. I was a software developer for the university here in town and 1999 was a busy one spent converting date formats in lots of computer programs and data to conform to 2000. All went well.

  5. Blue flowers are my favorite. I have not seen Camassia until reading blogs, so pretty. Love the apple blossoms. Hope you get more apples next year. Still thinking about 1999??

    1. Don’t spend to long thinking – focus on 2022! And yes, Camassia is scrumptious. Odd that so many of us are bewitched by blue flowers.

  6. Beautiful blossoms Cathy. I do like a Cox’s Orange Pippin but grow ‘Sunset’ a cross of ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ plus another variety. A most delicious taste too. December 1999 – I was at home at midnight but I think that that we went out for a meal earlier in the evening to celebrate. I remember the sheer noise of all the fireworks that went off everywhere around at midnight, much cheering and the the sound of boats on the canal and on the Mersey tooting their horns. I don’t think that I saw much further into my future that the new year let alone twenty years forward.

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