Six on Saturday. 13 February 2021

46 thoughts on “Six on Saturday. 13 February 2021”

  1. Thankfully, we have not had quite the same cold weather as you have had. Normandy has had similar weather, unusual for that area – a friend lives there. You have a nice selection to start off the year!

    1. Hi – sorry I’m a whole week late. Was a bit run-down this week. Not my idea with the fat balls (there’s also nuts in the chain) – Lidl have been selling them and I’ve bought in bulk!

  2. Good to know the birds have made it to your balcony! And always good to be receiving new plants – although perhaps not so good if you can’t plant them out yet! I have never succeeded (yet) with heleniums but one nursery recommended always leaving planting out till spring – I am trying one more time, but like you it may be the last! A whole bank of hellebores would be lovely, and perhaps whatever their colour… We have a branch of the family that are Buchanans – I know you have a Scottish background but where do your Buchanans hail from?

    1. I can’t really plant in autumn, as they would definitely die (a kind of rule for all herbaceous here) – coming to the conclusion that they need to be very regularly reinvigorated by divisions – and also want more water than I can supply at the top of the garden. Yes – I remember our Scottish connexion! ‘My’ Buchanans actually came from St Catharine’s Ontario – I think over from Scotland in the early nineteenth century. I once started looking at the family history but became entranced by my father’s mother’s side (Thomson – the only reason I took my husband’s name, shame about the ‘p’! They were missionaries in Trinidad, originating in Nova Scotia). In the process I left out my Grandpa Buchanan completely and never quite got back to it. But thanks, Cathy, I need to!

      1. It must have been really interesting beginning to research your family history – something that be become very time consuming! We have a fairly detailed family tree for my mother’s side, although tracking down who has all the details might be another matter! I’m sure it would be easy enough to back even further. I suspect our Buchanans are not connected (unless avery long tome ago!) but coincidentally we have many missionaries in our family too – but they headed east

  3. I really struggle with heleniums too. The cold wet clay soil and the healthy mollusc population always manage to see them out. Finding an inexpensive supplier is the key because I tend to treat them as annuals. Last year I tried taking cuttings and overwintering under cover. Looks good so far, some are sprouting new shoots. I couldn’t be without them.
    A new addition to the bird crew this morning although not an especially welcome one, a sparrowhawk. I tried to take a picture but there was no disc in the camera.. arrgh! And by the time I’d sorted it the bird had flown.

    1. Very interesting about the heleniums Jessica. I was coming round to believing that I had to divide more regularly to keep them growing strongly. If I’m lucky, I’ll do that this time. Birds are SO hard to photograph – but I think your results that I’ve seen previously are PDG!!!

  4. Stunning snow pictures. Your sloping garden looks much more interesting than my fairly flat one, but I wouldn’t swap. 🤔😉 I was interested to see your Carex since my mother’s maiden name was Buchanan also.

    1. Sorry I’m precisely a week late replying. Bad week! Yes, ‘interesteing’ (and woolly!!!) is probably the right word. Buy one of the carex in honour of your mother! – it’s a tough, lovely plant.

    1. It really is lovely – we liked it so much that we bought a partner to echo it on the other side of the path. Although the original is not looking so hot at the moment, the youngster is full of promise.

  5. Love the Euphorbia, they are such great plants for a bit of structure, as you say, and this one has a stunning silvery colouring. I love heleniums too and must get hold of some this year…I did have some that just seemed to disappear….so good luck, third time lucky hopefully.

    1. Sorry – didn’t get round other people’s posts last week, which always makes me feel guilty. I do hope they persist – I think that perhaps like Achillea ‘Moonshine’ (which I’ve also lost repeatedly), they have to be regularly divided to make fresh young plants that don’t just give up the ghost.

      1. Hah! I have problems with Achillea too – the juicy kinds, that is! They common one is wild over paths everywhere in the garden. I can never work it out! I must look next door for my wandering ‘Pomegranate’ and ‘Summer Wine’!

  6. Your garden looks so pretty in the snow, Cathy. The weather has been very wintery of late in both northern hemispheres, it seems. That Carex is one of my favorites, too, I have to pot it up at the end of summer and it limps along in the house until I can plant it out again. After a couple years it gets huge, and spectacular.
    Good luck with your new transplants!

  7. Lovely photos. Exciting to see your awakenings. Love that Helenium–I’ve never tried to grow it but think I’ll look for seeds this week. Have a wonderful week.

    1. It is a lovely one – I don’t know if it comes true from seed however. By the way, the two Baptisia Purple Smoke that I ordered after seeing them on your blog arrived today! Very exciting. I go to bed dreaming about them and a Lupin called ‘West Country Massterpiece’. Thanks again for your recommendation.

    1. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work with it. But it is actually quite kind to plants, once it falls it insulates them a little from the worst of the weather.

      1. It has not snowed in the Santa Clara Valley since 1976, but when a slight bit of snow falls on the Summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains above, it breaks limbs of the redwoods, which are unable to support the weight.

  8. I love your crate of new perennials – very exciting. I have never succeeded with helenium moerheim beauty. I don’t know why it’s so tricky.

    1. Very interesting – in the past I’ve never had a problem with it. But that was Britain or Ireland. I think they need more summer moisture than we get here.

  9. The snowy views are quite stunning. Bet you are excited with the new plants. Hope these settle in and give you a few years of pleasure.

  10. I really love the Euphorbia. Would love to try growing an evergreen one some day, although it is a bit exposed to the wind here which may be a problem. More and more structures are appearing in my beds to support plants! I also love the Carex. I have a gorgeous reddish brown one which was in a mix for autumn container planting some time ago so no name on it. Nice to think yours was named just for you! 😉

    1. Maybe it ‘your’ carex was mine also (if you see what I mean!) Euphorbias are fabulous aren’t they? I haven’t really had a problem with them and wind rock – just this once with Silver Swan – even wondered if it was beasties! I’d say you should be ok.

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