Here be snowdrops …

23 thoughts on “Here be snowdrops …”

  1. Following directly along a line beyond the squiggle yew… I’m curious about the wall of the house…. Forgive me…. Is is a fault-line crack? It meanders beautifully….

    1. Hi – that’s our next door neighbour’s house. Here we are all 16th century and take those cracks in our stride – they are everywhere, including in our own living room. Received wisdom: if you can’t actually put your hand inside it there’s nothing to worry about. Very old stones settling after centuries and disrupting modern render/plastering. My garden wouldn’t be my garden without that beautiful crack in Jeanette’s house!

  2. Brrr it looks cold. I am not even venturing outside here today.
    Mike made it as far as the bird table and we have been treated to a constant stream of customers which we can watch through the kitchen window.
    Love your snowdrops. Those, and the witch hazels, lift my mood like nothing else at this time of year. It’s supposed to be warmer next week. I see a gardening day on the horizon. How wonderful that will be.

    1. I’m with you on the snowdrops and witch hazels. I haven’t been out except by necessity for nearly a week now. It looks lovely, but the roads a treacherous. I do hope we get some gardening weather next week. I was raring to go on Sunday last!

    1. Many people (including me) believe that snowdrops establish much better if they are planted ‘in the green’ – ie., like lilies, they don’t like to dry out, growing naturally in places where they are shaded by vegetation and kept slightly moist during summer dormancy. I was particularly pleased with these because they were in pots. When I’ve bought snowdrops ‘in the green’ before, they’ve arrived in plastic sleeves, having been dug up from the ground. These bulbs in pots have (I believe/hope) a greater chance of success.

  3. How kind of the nursery to send some extra bulbs for you – both varieties I have not heard of and which have very British flowering names…I wonder if they are in my books? I know you will enjoy watching their progress.. As you say, the structure of your garden really stands out in the snow – thanks for braving the cold to share it with us! Here it is meant to be 13 degrees on Monday, with overnight temps of 9 degrees (but has barely been over zero in the last week)! Aldi have had chain saws in the past, so something to watch out for…

    1. I hadn’t heard of them before either – I think she chose them because they are so tolerant. Let’s hope it proves so! And yes – Lidl have got a chainsaw coming up in March we found out this week. (Although a friend of ours is a chainsaw snob, and we must not let him see our new ‘toy’ if we do purchase it!

      1. We have found all Aldi electrical products very reliable and they are all guaranteed for 3 years, so I assume Lidl’s products will be the same…go for it!

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