A Week of Flowers, Day 7

9 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers, Day 7”

  1. Sad to hear you have lost your canary rose. My parents (UK) also had to dig theirs out this year as it had died back almost completely. No voles in their garden, but I sympathise with you as we have voles, mice and hares! Your little posy is gorgeous. 😃 Thank you for embracing this little meme Cathy. And don’t forget to send me a mail with your address for the Cleome seeds. I put my email address in one of that thread of comments.
    Have a great weekend and keep smiling. All this chaos must come to an end soon. We have our gardens and our ‘virtual’ friendships to keep us going! 🤗

    1. Won’t forget the email Cathy! I did see your message, just hadn’t got round to it. And thanks again for everything – particularly for deciding to cheer us all up like this! Interesting what you say about your parents’ Canary Bird. You keep smiling too (ps – don’t know how you get your ‘smileys’ on WordPress, but they do me good!)

  2. Interesting this events project.

    How many visitors a year for your garden ?

    Le sam. 28 nov. 2020 à 08:54, Garden Dreaming at Châtillon a écrit :

    > Cathy posted: ” Joining in with Cathy at ‘Words & Herbs’ for our final > montage of the flowers that have cheered us through this traumatic year of > 2020. My first is a kind of obituary for Rose ‘Canary Bird’, which looked > like this in spring. I noticed when” >

  3. I’ve enjoyed your offerings this week. Sad about your rose, but hope it arises like a phoenix. Can’t help ID your little butterfly on the Verbena bonariensis–that plant attracts butterflies here too. Have a great weekend, Cathy!

  4. Cathy, it’s been a pleasure being welcomed into your garden this week. The photo of deep zinnias mingled with perhaps white snaps (?) had me zooming in to enjoy that contrast. I’m so happy to have been introduced to you and your blog through this Week of Flowers. Take care!

  5. It is always heartbreaking to lose a favored plant, esp. after years of nurturing. It has been a fun week seeing all the cheerful flowers everyone posted. I think it should be an annual event, too!

  6. Gosh, who would have thought that that voles could cause such havoc – and on a mature shrub too… What is their favoured diet in the wild I wonder?

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