A Week of Flowers, Day 6

20 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers, Day 6”

  1. Your photos are lovely again today Cathy. The frost is beautiful isn’t it. I shall have to try and get some photos of ours later. Good to hear a positive mood coming on. We need to think positive in times like these! Have a good day. xx

      1. It is a berberis, Cathy. One of the original plants (there were few in the garden when we arrived). It nearly got the chop because, before the bank where it grows was planted up with understorey planting my husband used to have to strim it – he consequently hates berberis!

    1. About four messages to you in 5 minutes! If I can get ‘behind’ with a meme that lasts only a week, this says a lot about me! I do feel more positive than at the beginning of the week, thanks to your meme and developments on the world scene. Have been so anxious about the overall ‘meaning’ of the American elections, not even thinking about Covid.

  2. It’s wonderful to see these autumn colours in a bit of sunshine. We’ve had a plenty of frosts, but nothing that’s painted the garden structures like your first shot . Nice espalier work!

    1. I’m afraid the limes are not my work (it’s a kind of ‘pleaching’, rather than espalier). There were various features like that that made us fall in love with the garden. The previous owner (from Holland) had purchased very large specimens to get a fairly rapid effect. I do love them – particularly as the young growth is red.

  3. I agree that first photo is magnificent with frost accenting your work. The rich colors of the flowers and leaves hang in balance the spareness and light of the espalier.

    1. No flowers now, Eliza – simply the memories and the photographs – oh, and the usual winter visitors are starting up too, which is very cheering!

  4. Oh that does look seriously cold Cathy but beautiful too. We’ve got away with one light frost up to now but I have a feeling that won’t last for long.

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