A Week of Flowers, Day 5

17 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers, Day 5”

  1. Bless you, Cathy, for contributing the beauty in this world. The problem is not all of us for there truly are those of us who understand how to live in harmony with all. (smile) xo

  2. So thoughtful of the butterfly to color-coordinate with the plantings. Really a lovely creature, as are your flowers. What is the rusty-hued rudbeckia-looking one?

  3. Eye candy! 🙂 So pretty, love the asters… would you happen to know the cultivar of the Helenium? I grew a yellow and a rather drab orangey-red one this year. I enjoyed the late summer colour, but might replace the orange one.

    1. Oh Eliza – that’s a bit sad. I think the helenium is one called Loysden Wieke (rather unusual with little crimpy petals). I have now lost it, I’m afraid. The garden’s not really damp enough above for heleniums, but I’ve started to grow them down below and am hoping for more success!

  4. Lovely blues and purples. Is that Queen Anne’s Lace in the first photo? It looks very much like one I have in my garden. I just cut back the old flowers and being a new plant for me, I’m not sure whether it will flower again.

    1. It’s actually Ammi visagna, which is a kind of Queen Anne’s Lace (called ‘Bishop’s Weed, I think). We don’t have the normal wild one in the garden (which is sad, I had it previously), so I have to sow seed. I think Queen Anne’s Lace is either an annual or a biennial, but if it’s happy with you it will sow itself everywhere. Ammi visagna is doing that now in our garden. Have a good weekend!

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