A Week of Flowers, Day 4

20 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers, Day 4”

  1. A lovely spot in semishade Cathy. Euphorbias can add such delicate hues of lime and green. 😃 I think that is the same tulip as mine today, but I couldn’t remember the name. Happy St. Catherine’s Day!

    1. Thanks – it appeals to me too. Some of the aquilegia came from seed – but it’s one of the plants that self-sows everywhere, so I tend to be deluged!

  2. Not messy, just bursting with vibrant growth. My front garden used to be full of similar blue and pink aquilegias, but they have died out over the last few years. Some nasty disease has done for them! Lovely to enjoy yours.

  3. Haha – it’s tough enough having my birthday and Christmas so close together without having my saint’s day at around the same time too… !! 😁 Your Hornbeam Garden does indeed look rather special

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