Dry August

7 thoughts on “Dry August”

  1. Bonjour Cathy trop paresseux pour ouvrir mon dictionnaire, je retiens quand méme qu’il se passe toujours qqch à Garden …

    Je me demande quand même comment vous faites pour arroser une telle surface.

    Je n’ai pas oublié ma promesse. J’attends le passage d’une entreprise, avt de vs faire signe.

    A bientôt, Hugues

    Le mar. 4 août 2020 à 18:15, Garden Dreaming at Châtillon a écrit :

    > Cathy posted: “It’s dry, dry dry here, in spite of the fact that we’ve had > more rain this summer than usual and the temperatures have only soared > beyond 38 degrees centigrade on one day.However, I nipped off this page to > do a temperature double-check and found a frighte” >

  2. Yes, the dahlias aee wonderful – you must so enjoy their splash of colour and be so thrilled with the BV’s presence and the resultant extra work that has been done! It’s certainly making an impact 😊

  3. I’m also not a big fan of dry, dry summers since I hate to see things dry up and I also hate to see myself lugging a hose about. But the dahlias look fantastic (mine are not as happy with the heat) and the garden does look exceptionally well tended. I’m also amazed by how far you’ve come in such a short time.

  4. Hope by now you have had some rain. It’s a huge garden not difficult to find a new task each day, looking great despite being dry. where does that Dahlia get it’s name from it’s nothing like milk!

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