Déconfinement, Jour …

16 thoughts on “Déconfinement, Jour …”

  1. Enjoy the new freedom, albeit somewhat limited! (Can you have limited freedom?) ! Anyway, a step in the right direction. 😃 And your poppy is gorgeous.

  2. Good to hear! Between that and the resuscitation of your wifi it sounds like the start of a good week. Also it looks like a little rain has come down on the poppies. Not bad!
    Haha, here everything was frozen Friday, it snowed Saturday, and we are confined until June 8th. It could be worse eh?

    1. Oh dear! We had pictures through from my brother-in-law in Sweden showing his vegetable plot, morning and afternoon – frozen and then spring!. So he is having the same weather as you. We are back in a dry spell, but since that’s only 5 days, it will be a while before I start fretting again! Unbelievable that you have snow when all my roses are flowering (early). Since I always want to hang on to the build-up to the garden’s climax, I think I’d rather be in your shoes!

  3. How lovely, that you can see family and friends again. Here you can meet one friend at a distance in the park, but not in your garden, which is barmy. Specially as you can go on the underground to work as long as you Stay Alert.
    And you have rain and poppies in bloom. Wonderful.

    1. Well – with instructions like that you definitely have to stay VERY ALERT! We are all still wearing masks, but things do feel a little ‘restored’. Yes – the rain and the poppies (and the roses and irises) are things that make me feel happy every day (until we hit the inevitable dry patch again)>

  4. I can’t wait to eat out again, I am sooooo over cooking every blooming meal! But it won’t be until at least July by all accounts.

    1. Here, I really don’t have the option of eating out much, so for 10 years takeaways have been a particular treat (happening only every 4 or 5 months – my husband sometimes drives a takeaway from Chichester to me in Lorraine!) But I totally understand what you are saying. Sometimes he cooks pizza – wonderful! I can’t imagine that our restaurant in the village (which does takeaway Flammenkuchen/pizza) will open at all this year.

  5. Thank you for the indeed hopeful poem. This pandemic certainly is also about trust, do we trust the decision makers, the people around us, and also ourselves to do what feels right and not what feels comfortable. We might need to be careful with rejoicing at the end of confinement, but we certainly can rejoice at the lovely poppy in your post and in rain at last!

    1. You are so right – this thing isn’t going away in a hurry. We are rejoicing – but still wearing masks here. In France/Europe I have a level of confidence in our decision makers. And I trust …!

    1. Thanks so much – and you made me remember some of my favourite childhood books – ‘What Katy Did …’ Must read them again.

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