Rāhui Day 55

16 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 55”

    1. I make the most of it. It’s often too hot for herbaceous perennials to do very well here in late summer, so the garden tends to be more colourless then. I have to celebrate now!

  1. Oh I’ve fallen in love with yet more roses just looking at your photos Cathy. Here my first two roses opened one solitary flower each today. We may have the first frost we’ve had in some time tonight. Frost or rain never does comes at the right time does it? I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous roses.

    1. Thanks so much Anna – no, they don’t. Today it is simply pouring and, because it is the Saints de glaces today, tomorrow and Wednesday (they signify the time of last possible frost in the season), we are now predicted freezing temps overnight!

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