Rāhui Day 54

16 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 54”

    1. Thanks so much – I never idolised them so much (or planted them much) until I moved here. The sensible gardener goes with what works!

  1. Your Iris pallida is still my favorite, but wow, bearded iris really are spectacular. Mine all came from ‘somewhere’, whether someone else’s garden, or just greenwaste. Yet, the ‘San Jose’ bearded iris is one of the very few plants that I would actually pay money for. Yes, I am a sucker for names, but it is intriguing as well.

    1. Because they do so well in the garden, and because we have such a famous French nursery here, I’m being tempted every year now! I like names too – so often they have a nice link with people and places.

  2. Deep down inside I absolutely love all the ruffles and color of the modern iris, but on the surface I pretend they’re just too much for me. That has more to do with the rot they suffer here than it does any pretend refined taste 😉
    I am also extremely impressed by the apple.

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