Rāhui Day 52

13 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 52”

  1. Love your iris showing. Have you tried any of the reblooming beareded irises? It can be wonderful to have iris in bloom in the fall.

    1. I haven’t John – but I think you had them (I seem to remember). Must try and source some from my favourite nurseries!

  2. So beautiful 😍

    On Thu 7 May 2020 at 16:24, Garden Dreaming at Châtillon wrote:

    > Cathy posted: ” More about the irises – I’m probably going to do this in > two parts, today and tomorrow, because the internet is so very slow at the > moment. Or could it be WordPress, taking an eternity to upload my pictures > from the computer? Anyway – first the ‘old’ i” >

    1. It is perfection – and the scent too! I’ve noticed a new one flowering today called Ciel Gris de Poilly that might rival it!

      1. It would not be the same though. Some are prettier in some ways. Some are more fragrant. However, none are truly better than the Iris pallida that my great grandmother grew in here garden.

  3. How very lovely to have an iris garden! I’d love to have more irises but no room. Still I enjoyed seeing yours. The pinky purple ones look lovely in a row like that. Are they the old brown?

    1. Yes – I’ve been trying to find a name for them. Overall impression is violet-sepia. Very pretty. Not sure I have enough room for them either – just like the roses. But the irises do so well here that I would be mad not to collect them😀

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