Rāhui Day 51

6 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 51”

  1. What an honest post! Indeed angels are at work, risking their lives so that we live well

  2. I agree with you completely on the NHS and health care workers. We have no NHS here, unfortunately. But we do have scraps of social insurance that give most ordinary Americans access to health care. Unfortunately, our current president is dedicated to destroying those scaps so that people are left entirely on their own. I pray that he is gone after the next election. Our failure to value health care workers properly, at least those with less than an MD after their names, is much worse on this side of the Atlantic, I believe. Anyway, I very much like how the steps and terraces are shaping up. Lovely pictures of the Camassia!

    1. Thanks so much – yes, we watch your news with bated breath and worry about the state of your health service too. My very elderly father lives in Massachusetts, and tells me he’s lucky around there. But it differs so much from state to state. I do hope you all swop him for an adult at the next election!

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