Rāhui Day 49

19 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 49”

  1. Thank you again xxx

    On Mon 4 May 2020 at 18:30, Garden Dreaming at Châtillon wrote:

    > Cathy posted: “A week today I’m going to stop doing these daily posts. > France will slowly be coming out of confinement from the 11th of May (next > Monday). They’ve created a regional map. The areas called ‘green’ – least > badly hit by Covid-19 – will experience (we ima” >

  2. GREAT PHOTOS! Our restrictions will be relaxed a bit here as well. Spring is a busy time and so much to do. I don’t get out much anyway and blogging helps me connect with others with similar interests. I get really behind reading other posts. Take care and be safe!

  3. The Euphorbia is splendid. It is very good to hear of other areas that are able to safely take some steps towards a relaxation of confinement. I hope it all goes to plan. I fear my area of England would be a red zone too.

  4. That is good news Cathy. Our restrictions are already being reduced, but having to wear a mask is an absolute nightmare for me and I feel more of a restriction than before. I am dreading my next necessary shopping trip. Ho hum! Your allium photos are lovely. And the Euphorbia is amazing! I will have to make a note of that one. 😃

  5. I’ve enjoyed your posts of late, but I understand that it does take a lot of time. I’m afraid I am totally addicted to it and there is no hope for me. 😉

  6. Our restrictions across India have been relaxed to limited zones from yesterday for the government divided the nation into red, orange and green zones! But as soon as the relaxation was announced I heard people racing outside as though the virus has been contained completely. I so wish everyone is careful to prevent a possible second wave! You stay safe and I’ll look forward to your posts. 🙂

  7. I have enjoyed your daily posts and the visits to your fascinating garden. The alliums are lovely and that euphorbia is unusual. Good luck with the restrictions being reduced. I am probably in a green zone if we go that way. But not if everyone else decided to visit! It’s a concern seeing how people seem to crowd together once they get out.

    1. Thanks so much for saying you enjoy. Yes – people do love to crowd together. I will be going back to my choir and orchestra as soon as this ends (but I loathe crowds!)

  8. Thank you for all the daily posts of your lovely garden Cathy,
    yes, blogging does take time, a weekly post is probably easier to maintain, I found blogging a good way to keep a record of my garden and it encourages me to go out and take photos which are useful when planning or re-organsing an area, the year I didn’t post much I realised I also had not taken many photos of the garden.
    Take care and stay safe, Frances

    1. Yes – the main point about garden blogging is to keep our own records. And then we realise there are millions of other people out there who care as much about their gardens as we do. That’s when I start to get bogged down a bit … I think experience finds the balance, and I think my husband and I will look back on these posts with affection!

  9. Glad you took the time to keep the posts coming. It does make a nice record though so I’m sure you’ll appreciate it during the more miserable seasons. The time does add up!

    1. I am completly exhausted and sorry I committed myself to this plan – want to sit and enjoy the sun. But, since I am rather poor on ‘following through’, determined to carry on for the next 5 days. I hope to catch up with your garden next week . I am not a complete navel-gazer!

      1. There’s always the wordless Thursday, wordless Friday option ;). Keep posting, you’re not missing anything here. August is a good month to catch up!

  10. Our area is also “red” – an area with a very high rate of infection. (Funny how those colors have different implications in different contexts.) But we are also looking at a gradual loosening of restrictions in the next month. I hope you can feel more confidence in the people in charge of the process than we do here! (Actually, our state and local leadership are doing a good job under the circumstances – but at the national level – there are no words to express our dismay.)

    1. I can well understand – I hope that too many over there are not feeling very disheartened. Next month is a long time to wait. Take care.

  11. ‘Silver Swan’! I just featured it, but could not remember the name! I actually wrote about the species, so did not need the cultivar name. I was just annoyed that I could not remember it.
    I also just wrote about how I will be unable to participate in the other blogs nowadays. I feel badly about it, but I just can not keep up.

    1. That’s so sad Tony – I will definitely carry on visiting you, because I enjoy your blog. I am finding WordPress just agony at the moment though. Everything takes for hours, which is why I haven’t been doing much visiting recently – I can’t keep up very well either!

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