Rāhui Day 41

16 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 41”

    1. You stay safe too, John. I’m sorry you miss your irises. But I’ll have to go through that transition too – and possibly earlier than you did, because this garden’s a bit unforgiving. Trying to celebrate now! All best!

  1. oooo Cathy I would offend many of my neighbours if I started gardening on a Sunday, the isle of Lewis still respects the Sabbeth ………………
    Beautiful irises thanks for sharing,
    Stay safe and take care,

    1. It was a bit like that when we lived in Ireland. If you gardened on Sunday you were a ‘known’ Protestant! But actually I exaggerate – that was mostly said about the farming community, because only the protestant farmers would work away on a Sunday. You must be ‘wee free’ up there, I guess?

      1. I so miss them. I have always grown the same ones that I got from my great grandmother when I was a kid, but there are none here. There are several in one of my other gardens, but I was not there when they bloomed.

    1. They are all lovely, but I think my favourites are also the pale Iris pallida. I used to have an almost black but it seems to have gone AWOL!

  2. They’re all gorgeous irises. The foliage is eye-catching on Iris pallida ‘Aureo Variegata’. My Iris ‘Raspberry Blush’ is just finishing. I’ve often wondered if mine was mislabeled because I expected a deeper color, but yours looks identical. Nice to see it verified.

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