In a vase on Monday. April 20 2020

21 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday. April 20 2020”

  1. They really do look joyful and what a lovely name for a Tulip. I love the way you have arranged them and four is sufficient for you little set dance.

  2. How wonderful to have tulips bloom, much less come back year to year! I love the green and yellow striping in the petals of ‘Love Dance’.

    1. I am only beginning to understand the issue with tulips and your part of the US. Tony Tomeo has told me that it’s lack of cold. So I guess we are lucky. It is a pretty tulip.

  3. With the grasses and berberis to complement that tulip is stunning. I love the shape of the petals and the shades of green in them. 😃

    1. It is kind of stunning, Cathy. And planted especially for your meme. In which I don’t often take part – but I do think of you every Monday, nonetheless!

  4. That’s a beautiful tulip variety indeed, Cathy, and I can understand why you find it hard to cut them. I much prefer to see them in the garden too. The berberis looks fab too. I naturalised Angélique in the grass and she keeps coming back with Ballerina and Queen of night. How are you coping with the ‘confinement’? At least we have our gardens to comfort us although we won’t be able to go to any spring flower fairs this year, so sad. Out of desperation I ordered at Promesse de fleurs but most things have sold out…take care

    1. Good to hear from you Annette! Often think of you. I will try Angelique again, but in a less harsh situation, if I can find one! Interesting that it has done well for you in grass. ‘Ballerina’ (although I love it) is another that has disappeared from the Long Border, where I originally planted it. Confinement is actually an improvement for me, since my husband is here to help. Normally I battle on, on my own, and sometimes wonder why I bother! I hope you are well? Will virtually vist soon, since I assume you did a vase as well this Monday.

  5. The colour combination looks so pretty. And I completely get it, I dislike cutting flowers as well.

  6. Ah, brunnera. It too me a minute to figure that one out. It looks like forget-me-not. Berberris is a nice addition. I would not have thought of adding it to tulips . . . or any flowers. I can grow just about anything, but really do not know how to put them together like this.

  7. Oh I do like the look of ‘Love Dance’ Cathy – name noted to investigate further. I understand your reluctance to cut 😄

    1. I am very glad. They last extremely well in the garden – still going strong – and also in the vase. Which is unusual for my vases!

    1. We have it here – and actually it’s one of the few plants (blue as well) that seeds and spreads everywhere. All came to me through a friend’s git.

  8. That’s a very beautiful tulip. I know everyone loves the species tulips but they don’t repeat for me whereas the exotics doesn’t. Some for 12 years now. Not all of course. I also need to divide many of them as they split; one bulb making 5, 6 or even seven smaller stems; I love the effect.

    1. How interesting, Christina. I’ve no idea why the species tulips just keep on going here – and this actually isn’t a species, although it looks like it has quite a lot of T.acuminata in it. I do have cultivars that come back. sometimes surprisingly. I put it down to where I’ve planted them. I love this tulip too – so I’m hoping it will do the same as the species.

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