Rāhui Day 33

15 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 33”

      1. I understand that. Like most of the challenges the works is throwing at us, we need to take whatever baby steps we can and build on them.

  1. Your irises are sumptuous in any case, Cathy! It’s been fairly dry here too. As we received record-breaking rains last spring, I’m quietly relieved, to be honest… but 34 days without is hard on a garden! Love the quote by Rumi! Take care! 🙂

      1. Well, in Arizona it was very consistent, so I could plan both planting and watering accordingly! Since I have had to move back (temporarily, I hope) to the Midwest, I now have again that question that we all have in more temperate gardens: will it rain, or won’t it…?? 😉 So far this spring has been comparatively dry here, but not too bad…

      2. I’m so sorry – did not realise you had moved. Hint to me that I need to ‘visit’ you more often! Yes – the truth about these droughts (at least here in France) is that they have happened so recently that nobody can cope. I have friends in the village (always lived in the village) who only purchased water butts 2 years ago.

    1. They behave as if they are wild, growing on all the walls around here. But I assume that, actually, they are naturalised Iris germanica. So garden escapes.

  2. Irises are so beautiful and one of the stars of my garden. Interesting thought about rain and colour intensity. I’ll check mine. We’ve just had 3 days of almost continuous ‘soft’ rain; almost unknown here. Today hot like summer. I think my arms are sunburnt.

    1. Oh you are so lucky! But we had about three minutes of soft stuff tonight – and forecast to continue so I am hopeful. Over 40 days now without rain – even my neighbours think it’s dry. The hottest April I’ve experienced in Lorraine!

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