Rāhui Day 30

27 thoughts on “Rāhui Day 30”

    1. Funnily enough I’ve been following Sue for quite a few years (and I didn’t know that she was the blogger you were referring to!!). I really enjoy her blog – but since I am not very faithful in my blogging communications, I missed seeing her reference. Thanks so much for making us even closer …

  1. Rahui it is! Protective Home Nesting is a mouthful I have to admit. I love how people are beginning to push the negativity away! Words are extremely powerful!! YES! Thank you for the link, Cathy! Love your garden pictures! Thank you again! xo

      1. I’m saying Nesting for short, Cathy. I don’t know if you noticed but I linked your post to my new post today. Someone already stated how they really like Rahui. Another person stated they are now going to use my term Nesting instead of lockdown. See how the both of us are spreading the light? Awesome!!! Much love to you! xo

      2. How wonderful Amy – I have already had a lovely man from India (in love with Paris) come over here. I’m sorry that I’m so slow with this blogging thing – but will be sure to visit your post tomorrow! Love to you also! PS I actually thinking ‘nesting’ is an excellent term, but found ‘Rahui’ rather lovely since the Maori (and all other native populations, over-run by us in Europe) deserve to have their heritage imprinted on human consciousness in a positive, loving way.

      3. Do NOT apologize for who you are, Cathy! Please. I’m just so glad some of my followers found their way to your site. Awesome!! That means they are really interested in the word Rahui. See how you are making a difference? You are helping others to understand the power in words. I say YAY!!

  2. I also find the term ‘lockdown’ to be objectionable, but I think people here intend it to be as such. I mean, there are many who feel entitled to do what they want, and believe that this is all just some sort of conspiracy for the government to take over and . . . .on and on. Whatever it is called, I do not find it to be too bothersome to my lifestyle. Some of us have it more difficult than others. It annoys me that some choose to make it even more difficult than it should be.

    1. My life hasn’t changed hugely, although my husband’s life has. I’m trying to take time to reflect and go slower. All in all, a more positive word than ‘lockdown’ seemed very appropriate.

  3. Glad you like the term. I thought it might have gained more traction here in NZ, but our media are still using “lockdown” too. Oh well, at least I feel better about using Rahui.
    Cheers, Su

    1. Spelled your name wrong, Su. Sorry – I’m feeling quite comfortable using ‘Rahui’ now – shame the NZ press don’t know a good, native word when they see it!

      1. No prob. It is a shame we aren’t using it; but I suspect that the mainstream media don’t really want to encourage a discussion about building a greener future. It’s all about “the economy” — as if that is somehow separate from the planet’s future.

  4. I agree with Amy. ‘Lockdown’ is a prison term here and I’ve found it inappropriate, smacking of authoritarian rule. Let’s not make a bad situation worse! I prefer ‘shelter in place’ but rahui, sounds good, too.
    I love your yellow rose, I’ve admired it previously. I’m not a big rose grower (I detest thorns!) but I’d grow this beauty.

    1. Looking for something short and rahui does it for me. It’s Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ – which I’m sure you’ve seen lower down in the post as the tag. Grows like a weed – hoping it eventually does (did – hopefully still there!) what it does at Sissinghurst

  5. I am SO with your on those beautiful soft yellows! And yes, I agree with the word “lockdown” sounding awfully harsh. I’d adopt your (Su’s) word in a second, but don’t want to butcher the pronunciation. (howtopronounce.com says something like ‘ruh-why’ with emphasis on the second syllable, so I’m sticking with it!) 🙂

  6. I am so glad to Amy that her post directed me here! Honestly I was bugged with the word lockdown, the negative connotation it brings about! Rahui and Nesting sound so optimistic. And indeed yellow is such a warm and pleasant colour. The pictures are stunning 🙂

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